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    The following products are available from 'Tapinator':

    Ultimate Ocean Predator 2016

    • Awesome 3d Sea and beach environment
    • Animated Great Pliosaurus
    • Amazing Textures of Pliosaurus to unlock
    • Animated Aquatic animals including Shark, Orca, Whale, Dolphin, Jellyfish and more.
    • Exciting killing missions
    • Magical underwater environment and effects.
    • Smooth game play and easy controls
    • Awesome Visuals and sound Effects
    • An array of prey: Scuba Divers, Swimmers, Beach Goers, Fishermen, etc!
    • Thrilling prey hunting challenges

    Big Sport Fishing 2017

    • Realisitic Graphics
    • Beautiful, Panoramic 3D Environments
    • Advanced Motion Controls
    Big Sport Fishing 2017

    City Biker 3D

    • Multiple sports bikes to unlock
    • Simple and smooth controls
    • Amazing 3D graphics
    • Realistic riding experience
    • 3 awesome episodes
    • City environment to explore

    Crime Town Police Car Driver

    • 4 Up-to-date Police cars to unlock
    • Complimentary Police car with upgradable features
    • Realistic suburban/city environment
    • Exciting crime chase missions to complete
    • Different criminal types with varying stamina
    • Awesome city sound and visual effects
    • Smooth controls
    • Thrilling gameplay!

    Flying Car Stunts 2016

    • Realistic flying car physics.
    • Number of collectables to collect.
    • Amazing and Challenging 3D Environment For Flying Car Stunts.
    • Modern Flying Car Models.
    • Responsive and Intuitive flying & Driving Experience.
    • Smooth & easy Controls.
    • Engine, Brake and Boost Updates.
    • Cool visual and sound effects.
    • Guaranteed Fun Through Carefully Designed Levels!
    • Numbers of Amazing Flying car Missions!

    3D Offroad Stunt Bike

    • Supercross racing environment
    • Awesome track for quad bike
    • Challenging obstacles and hurdles to avoid
    • Bumpiest ride with extreme landscape
    • 3 different 3D environments
    • Upgradable features for quad bike

    Crazy Car Roof Jumping 3D

    • Smoothest gameplay
    • Cool fantasy city environment
    • Multiple racing cars
    • Upgradable features
    • Realistic driving experience
    • Master gravity itself in this stunt-defying game!


    • - Stunning Graphics optimized for smartphones and tablets!
    • - 3D army vehicles including world war tanks and truck.
    • - Superior controls for accelerator, brakes, steering and fuel refill.
    • - Dozens of secrets to discover.
    • - Beautifully drawn graphics and carefully crafted animation.
    • - No text and minimal UI, easy for anyone to pick up and play with no instruction.
    • - City Environment and tank traffic duty simulation
    • - Options to choose between steering, buttons or accelerometer based on preference.

    Police Car Parking 3D

    • - Realistic graphics and 3D animations
    • - Lifelike environments of police parking lots and police stations
    • - 30 challenging, furious and fast parking missions
    • - Awesome upgrades and much more
    • - Various camera angles for exceptional views while playing
    • - Day and night mode
    • - Realistic and rugged police vehicles to choose from

    Monster Truck Rider 3D

    • Smooth & Easy, Yet Challenging & Addictive Gameplay
    • Realistic Physics Based Truck Movement And Demolition.
    • 6 Different Monster Trucks.
    • Upgrade To Get Rad Stunting abilities!
    • Beautiful 3D Graphics, including Desert and Alpine Trails.
    • Amusing Visual and Sounds Effects.
    • Dozens Of Exciting Levels To Play.

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