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Last updated: 05 Nov 2019, 22:20
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    The following products are available from 'Toca Boca':

    Toca Life: World

    • All Toca Life apps in one World
    • 50+ locations available to buy
    • Characters can go anywhere
    • Add over 300 characters
    • Buy new stuff and get surprises

    Toca Life: Neighborhood

    • Meet 23 new characters
    • 4 new apartments with different themes to live and hang out in!
    • Shop at the design store to get new furniture and objects for your home - make it your style!
    • Bring your best friends to the Rob-o Café and pick out food from the conveyor belt.
    • Get a smoothie from the giant smoothie robot. Choose between four tasty flavors!
    • Bring family and friends to take a photo in the photo booth! Which filter will you use?
    • Get a Sloth toy in the Slothtato toy machine!
    • Find the secret Rob-o Disco Club!
    • Visit the tiny creatures that have a hideout in the elevator!

    Toca Life: Hospital

    • Explore five floors: basement, main entrance, lab and treatment, family care and general care.
    • Watch out for germs - they will make your characters sick! A doctor can prescribe medicine to treat your patient.
    • Welcome babies to the world!

    Toca Hair Salon Me

    • Snap a picture of your friends to create their new hairstyle
    • Or use a photo from your camera roll
    • Tons of fun new accessories from mustaches to hats
    • Use tools to curl, straighten, crimp, shave & trim
    • Use G.R.O. to make short hair long again

    Toca Kitchen 2

    • - New ingredients in the fridge
    • - New characters to feed
    • - No rules or stress - just open-ended, kid-directed fun!
    • - No third-party advertising
    • - No in-app purchases

    Toca Lab: Elements

    • Meet the 118 elements from the periodic table
    • 6 different tools to experiment with
    • A new & unique way to get introduced to science
    • Beautiful original artwork
    • No in-app purchases or advertising

    Toca Life: Stable

    • Explore four locations: stable, arena, forest and shop.
    • Create stories for 24 new characters plus horses and other animals!
    • Care for your horses: feed them, lather them up till they're nice and clean, brush them.
    • Choose outfits from your favorite themes: medieval, western, everyday stable life and fantasy!
    • Hop on to ride bikes in the forest and race motorcycles in the arena!

    Toca Life: Pets

    • Role-play in five locations: pet park, pet hotel, veterinary, pet shop and breeder's bungalow.
    • Meet 23 new characters.
    • Play with and care for 124 real and fantasy animals.

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