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    Woodlore Women's Adjustable Shoe Tree,Cedar,Small fits sz 5-8.5

    • Shoe trees prolong the life of shoes by absorbing moisture from them, as well as maintaining the shape of the shoe; Item Width 2.50; Item Length 12.00
    • Regular use of shoe trees can extend the life of a pair of shoes by as much as 30 percent
    • Aromatic cedar, with its distinct fragrance, helps repel insects and keeps closets and drawers smelling naturally fresh
    • Item Weight 1.00
    • Item Height 12.00
    Woodlore Women

    Woodlore Cedar Products Cedar Pet Toy Box

    • Keeps toys dry and fresh smelling
    • Freshens area with pleasant aromatic aroma
    • Made in the USA
    Woodlore Cedar Products Cedar Pet Toy Box

    Woodlore Professional-Style Cedar Shoe Valet,Cedar,One Size

    • Made of cedar,No assembly required.
    • Sliding top with bullet catch and built-in shoe support
    • Light sanding rejuvenates the aromatic cedar smell
    • The footrest is used not only for foot placement but it is also used as a handle to slide lid open the box.
    • Overall dimensions: 11L x 8W x 6H inches
    Woodlore Professional-Style Cedar Shoe Valet,Cedar,One Size

    Woodlore Instant Cedar Chest

    • Natural Aromatic Cedar Instant Cedar Chest
    • Filled with all-natural aromatic cedar shavings which protects against moths and other insects
    • Chemical, perfume and artifical additive free
    • Dimensions 56"(L)x10"(W)x1"(H)
    • Hang or place in closets for instant freshness or can be used in confined spaces such as shoe cupboard to eliminate odors
    Woodlore Instant Cedar Chest

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