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    YaBao Pounds Version Electronic ATM Savings Bank Digital Piggy Money Bank Machine,Electronic Cash Box with Debit Card,Password Login,Voice Prompt,Coin Recognition,Targets Setting (Sliver/Black)

    • Using Realistic Banking Card and PIN Code to Access-Just insert the card and enter 4-digit password,the LCD screen lights up and makes voice prompt.A fun educational toy of financial savings for your kids,it's perfect for Christmas gift or birthday present.
    • Automatic Coin Recognition-Insert coins into the slot and it will recognize and display what the coins have been deposited.Press the WITHDRAW key,then the OPEN key will light up,press the OPEN key to release the door and take out the money you want.
    • Automatic Notes Rolling-Press NOTE key,put notes on scroll,then the notes will be rolled into the machine automatically,when notes are deposited(or withdrawn),the keypad is used to manually add (or subtract) the corresponding amount to your balance.
    • Targets Setting-Press BALANCE key to check your balance,Press TARGET key,children could check the LCD display to see the amount that is still needed to reach their goals.An interesting way to teach your boys or girls how to save money and track their savings.
    • Teach Your Kids Financial Bank Saving-Make saving money fun for kids with the Digital ATM Cash Bank Money Machine. Teach children the importance of saving with this pretend Money Box.Machine lights up and makes real ATM sounds when used!

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