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Where to buy Pencil Furniture?

Little Devils Direct based in Scotland is a specialist furniture retailer selling unique children's furniture - including pencil furniture for children's rooms. See the Little Devil's direct home page on ebay.

For visitors from the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada, see this list of pencil furniture on ebay (US, UK, Australia, and Canada).

Pencils and crayons for furniture design

Pencils and crayons are used by children to draw pictures at school and at home. Furniture designers enjoy making furniture that children love to use. Take a look at this fantastic Giant No 2 Pencil bookcase at fine

Here's a DIY idea using Pencil crayons to make a book shelf.

See below for pencil coat stands available to buy. Once you've ordered here's an inspirational colouring-in fun activity of a pencil coat stand. Draw hanging clothes like coats or hats on the coat stand for fun.

Pencil Coat Stands

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