Top 10 Door Knocker

Out of a total number of 50 products tagged with 'Door Knocker', these are the top 10:

1 Esschert TT183 Design Owl Door Knocker - Cast Iron Brown
2 Large Lion Head Door Knocker in Black Cast Iron
3 Large Solid Brass Lion's Head Door Knocker – Number 10 Downing Street Lion Knocker
4 Fallen Fruits DB54 Cast Iron Wellie Boot Door Knocker - Brown
5 Rustic Cast Iron Filigree Owl Decorative Door Knocker
6 Large Lions Head Front Door Knocker - Polished Chrome / Silver
7 east2eden Retro Vintage Owl Design Cast Iron Ornate Door Gate Knocker Decor
8 Polished Solid Brass Lion Head Door Knocker + Screws - Traditional Classic Victorian Style
9 Solid Brass Owl Door Knocker
10 Mila 590222 ProLinea Lion Head Door Knocker - Brushed Satin Chrome