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Bootkidz is a small furniture design company founded in 2005 by Karen Henry and based in Wimbledon, London.

Bootkidz sells and hires "The Boot Kidz" coat stands and specialises in providing links to related products available to buy by clicking through links on this website.

Unique Character Coat Stands

"The Boot Kidz" are a unique set of character coat stands, designed by Karen Henry and manufactured by Bootkidz Ltd.

Each Bootkidz wire-frame mannequin character is hand made using steel and cement. The three Bootkidz are Joe, Chloe, and Lucy.

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The Boot Kidz

Designer Wire Frame Coat Stand
Cartoon-style Child Mannequins with Cement Wellies


Joe Bootkidz

The Boot Kidz are a collection of unique character mannequin coat stands designed by Karen Henry in 2005.

They are hired or sold by Bootkidz Ltd through this website in a variety of shapes and colours, with a choice of different shaped bases and different dye-coloured cement Wellington boots.

Use "The Boot Kidz" mannequins in your clothes shop, window display, children's fashion exhibition, toy-store, salon, or boutique.

The Boot Kidz are the cutest coat stands in town! Each 2D/3D Bootkidz coat stand is made in 3/8 inch steel and electro-painted with bubblegum style paint.

The cartoon figures stand approximately 1 - 1.5 meters and each Bootkidz wears a pair of custom made concrete Wellington boots.

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These cute mannequins are for sale or rent. Contact Karen Henry by email, or use this contact form.

Meet The Boot Kidz - Joe, Lucy, and Chloe >>>

Debenhams Autumn/Winter Children's Clothing Collection

The Boot Kidz visited Bloomsbury Square in London's design and creative centre as part of Debenhams Autumn/Winter children's fashion exposition. Debenhams is a leading UK based retailer. Read more...

Bootkidz at Victoria  House, Bloomsbury Square, London, 1st June 2011

The Boot Kidz at Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London, 1st June 2011

Child Mannequin Coat Stand

Looking for mannequins for your clothes shop or boutique? Use the Boot Kidz in your shop window as cute Coat Stand Child Mannequins, or as a coat stand in the hallway of a salon, retail outlet, designer boutique, or toy store to attract customers into the shop. Use a cute child mannequin to attract parents and give your shop a friendly look and feel. See the Boot Kidz mannequins example in a shop window - window displays and window designs.

Boot Kidz Exhibition Window Display

The London Design Festival in partnership with a leading children's clothing retailer, exhibited the Boot Kidz in the window of a high-street window display. The Boot Kidz coat stands have also appeared in Space Magazine, Icon, and the Scotland on Sunday.

Coat Stands

Karen Henry has taken the ordinary coat stand and created a unique product combining Wellington Boots and coat stands.

Designer coat stands

The Boot Kidz are a collection of designer coat stands for use in exhibitions, shop display designs, kids parties, design events.

If you're looking for cute in your shop design this attention grabbing metal, high quality electro-painted, and cement design will work for you. Eye-catching window displays, compact design, reduced floor space, and fun - a cute child mannequin cartoon form - a unique and funky design.

The frame is made by bending steel using metal formers. Each Boot Kid is the outline of a character, formed in metal bar. The base can be removed and is optional. The design itself is a fun play on 2D movie/media reality crossing into 3D reality, moving from fantasy to form. See here for a close-up of the design and size details.

The Boot Kidz - Made in Lego

Thanks to Lego for fantastic 3D modeling software that allows anyone to use virtual Lego on their computer. If you're a Boot Kidz fan you can now buy a miniature version of each of the Boot Kidz (Joe, Chloe, and Lucy) directly from Lego. See the Lego Boot Kidz coat stands with Lego Wellington boots here!

Hang Clothes - Perfect for the new school term and for winter

Perfect for those cold wet winter rainy days in London. When the kids return muddy and wet. Hang their rain coats, jerseys, anoraks, scarves, hats, bags, school clothes, bags... Put their Wellington boots next to the cement Wellington boots on the base to dry. Use it like a coat stand or coat hook. An ideal dress-former if you're a child's clothes-fitter or seamstress.

Fun Furniture for Kids Bedrooms

Put the outline of a cartoon character on a skateboard - hey presto - Joe The Boot Kid. Make tidying up fun. Your kids will love to hang their coats and clothes on this designer cartoon-style coat stand. Great for children's bedrooms as a clothes horse. Can be used to hang school uniforms and school bags. Three models: Joe is a coat stand for boys and Chloe and Lucy are clothes stands for girls.

See all the Boot Kidz here >>>.

Wellington Boots - Galosh! Galosh!

The sound rubber boots make in the mud - the splish-splash sound of boots stepping in puddles in the rain. Gardening in April, trundling through the wetlands - there's nothing like Wellington Boots.

Welly Wanging

The sport "welly wangling" combines colourful, bright, funky neoprenes - shotput - and a bit of Cotswold quaintness.

Fashionable Wellington Boots

Wellington's are now hot fashion items. They're even worn to work! Furniture designer Karen Henry, has used them to build a coat stand with cement Wellington Boots. Cement was poured into real Wellington Boots and cast to create a base for the coat stand.

Origin of Wellington Boots

Wellington Boots originate from when the first Duke of Wellington instructed his shoemaker, Hoby of St. James's Street, London, to modify Hessian boots (18th century)? 200 years later we have: Rain boots, Galoshes (USA), Wellygogs (North/Midlands UK), Wellybobs (Slipper Wellies, UK), Wellies (UK), Hessian Boots (UK, 18th century) - these were the forerunners to Wellington Boots, Muddies (UK), Top boots (Ireland), Gumboots (South Africa), Miner boots (South Africa), Muck Boots (UK), Snow Boots (Canada).

For retail display windows (for visual merchandising)

Those improving their visual displays for the London fashion and discount season know all about merchandising and visual merchandising. For those not in the know: January and February see a massive increase in interest in visual merchandising caused by a frenzy of post-Christmas sales. Why not use The Boot Kidz in your retail shop, boutique, salon, toy store, or clothes shop window? The cartoon shape makes a shop window look fun, trendy, and lively. Use the Boot Kidz as a retail mannequin with MDF wooden base to display accessories and clothes or just to attract the attention of passers-by. Mannequins are known to increase sales. If interested: see how the Boot Kidz made a leading London kid's fashion retailer's window look fun and lively: The Boot Kidz (photo 1, photo 2).

Contact the maker

For more information contact Karen Henry (owner, furniture maker, product designer), for sales and other questions enquire here Next