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The Flag Institute

The Flag Institute is the world's leading research and documentation centre for flags and flag information. Specialists in "Vexillology" (The Study of Flags) know everything that is to know about all the flags of the world including "The Union Flag" and "Union Jack". The Flag Institute featured on a TV news item on BBC News on 13 Oct 2013. It was revealed that "Jack" means "small" and that "Union Jack" may have evolved to imply a smaller version of the flag.

History of the Union Flag

The UK Flag or Union Flag has history dating back over 400 years.

The current and second Union Flag dates from 1 January 1801 with the Act of Union 1800, which merged the Kingdom of Ireland and the Kingdom of Great Britain to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. See here for a colouring-in outline of the UK.

The 1801 design added a red saltire, the so-called "cross of Saint Patrick", for Ireland.


The UK flag is a symbol of the diversity of the British nation.

Union Jack

The Union Jack is a common name for the Union Flag - neither seems to be the correct form. This flag is the current flag of the United Kingdom and is also used in some way by a few former colonies of the overseas territories.

Original UK Flag

The Union Flag or Union Jack is the flag of the United Kingdom.

UK Flag
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The official colours of the Union Jack are:

Blue: 0, 36, 125 (#00247D)
Red: 207, 20, 43 (#CF142B)
White: 255, 255, 255 (#FFFFFF)

UK Flag for colouring-in

UK Flag Outline
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UK Flags

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3D UK Flag

3d UK Flag

Glass Dome Paperweight, UK Flag

Glass Dome Paperweight, UK Flag

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UK Flag Desktop Background (1920 x 1080 - wide screen)

UK Flag Desktop Background
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Also see this UK flag with black borders.

UK Flag Welly

UK Flag Wellington Boot

Animated UK Flag flapping in the wind (with British National Anthem tune)

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