The Boot Kidz

Wire Frame Mannequin Coat Stands Designed By Karen Henry

The Boot Kidz



"The Boot Kidz" are a unique set of coat stands designed by Karen Henry.

The Boot Kidz featured in the London Design Festival in partnership with GapKids.

The Boot Kidz are "Joe", "Chloe", and "Lucy".

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The Boot Kidz Story

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Prototype Prototype
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3D Graphics

Chloe 3d Umbrella Chloe 3d Umbrella
Lucy 3d Jump Lucy 3d Jump
Joe 3D Skateboard Joe 3D Skateboard
Chloe 3d bucket Chloe 3d bucket

The Boot Kidz @ Exhibitions and in Design Magazines

London Metropolitan University Exhibition London Met
GapKids GapKids
Meet your Maker Meet your Maker
Scotland on Sunday Scotland on Sunday

Spin Animations

Spin Lucy Spin Lucy
Spin Chloe Spin Chloe
Spin Joe Spin Joe


Baseball Cap Baseball Cap
Clock Clock
Mug Mug
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear

Lego Bootkidz

Lego Lucy Bootkidz
Lucy made in Lego
Lego Chloe Bootkidz
Chloe made in Lego
Lego Joe Bootkidz
Joe made in Lego

Who are the Boot Kidz?

The Boot Kidz are Joe, Chloe, and Lucy. They are a fun set of coat stands made in bent metal bar and standing in cement Wellington Boots. Joe wears a cap, Chloe has a cute dress, and Lucy a wavy funky hairstyle. This is a summary page containing links to more interesting parts of the Boot Kidz website. Please see the link section at the bottom of this page.

Joe coat stand measurements


Chloe coat stand measurements


Lucy coat stand measurements


The Boot Kidz Story

The story of the Boot Kidz starts in London, England. In 2005, furniture designer Karen Henry sketched designs of cartoon characters on a piece of paper. This conceptual idea was developed into a unique concept called the Boot Kidz. It took well over 2 years to create her first real life-size Boot Kidz. Using tube-bending and concrete making equipment she bent the steel to form the outline of the Boot Kidz and poured the concrete to create the cement Wellington Boots. Joe, Chloe, and Lucy were featured in the London Design Festival 2006 in partnership with Gap Kids. The Boot Kidz have continued to be successful as a childs coat stand and as a wireframe shop retail mannequin, featuring in newspaper articles and magazine all over the world including China, Scotland, and the USA.


Joe is the boy in the Boot Kidz. He is 10 years old and likes skateboarding. Joe is 4 feet 1 inch tall.


Chloe is the baby of the bunch. Only 7 years old. She likes wearing her purple dress and watching TV. Chloe is 3 feet 4 inches tall.


Lucy is the oldest. She is 13 years old. She enjoys playing sports, especially netball. Lucy is 4 feet 6 inches tall.

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