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Wooden Railway System: Adventure Tunnel
BRIO® Wooden Railway System: Adventure Tunnel
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Hi and welcome to Bootkidz, a small design company based in London. This page has links to BRIO train sets and BRIO toys available to buy on-line.

About BRIO

The BRIO® train system is one of the oldest and most popular train systems available for young children (and grown-ups!). BRIO® makes a perfect first train-set.

Child-Friendly Big Wooden Pieces with No Wires

The railway system's large pieces and child friendly tracks with no metal pieces - just large puzzle shaped ends, are easy and safe for children to play with. No electrical cables are needed as the train runs on batteries pulling its cargo around the grooved wooden track.

Where can I buy BRIO?

See this extensive list of BRIO® trains at

If you live in another country choose the flag below to see BRIO toys available in your country:

BRIO Trains (

BRIO 33214 Freight Battery Engine

BRIO 33214 Freight Battery Engine.

Battery powered freight engine for BRIO train sets. Forward, reverse and stop at the push of a button. Add to BRIO road and rail sets for exciting imaginative play. Durable, made to BRIO's high standards. Headlight brightens up track, batteries required.

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Classic BRIO® Trainset

See this classic Mallard Brio Train Set which features the famous blue Mallard engine and coaches, as well as 19 pieces of track, trees, animals, and signs - made in durable beech wood. Keeps the kids occupied for ages!

Brio Train have one of the best Brio websites online - have a look here.

Online Brio Simulation

Also - see this online train game (no download) at Little Kid, might be an idea to get the kids to play this to practise building tracks.

Brio Train Videos

See this amazing Brio Sky Train youtube video - made by a Brio enthusiast. See the video section below - we've found a video where a brick mason built a brio track through his brick making factory - really cool! Check it out. If you're looking to save some money and would rather not buy a new set (although there are new sets for sale), see Brio deals on

BRIO® Flying Scotsman Train Set

Brio Flying Scotsman Train Set

The Flying Scotsman was the most famous of the London to Scotland trains and pride of the LNER Company. The LNER was the second-largest of the 'Big Four' railway companies created by the Railways Act 1921 in Britain. Now, faithfully reproduced, it joins the Brio set.

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Brio Flying Scotsman toy train-set

BRIO® trains

Brio 4-Wheel Rechargeable Engine
From BRIO® UK: 4-Wheel Rechargeable Engine (from UK)
Brio Red Action Locomotive
BRIO® Red Action Locomotive
Brio Remote Control Express Train
BRIO® Remote Control Express Train (also see similar remote control BRIO train also available from USA 1 USA 2,


Find a bargain by searching for BRIO Train on ebay.
From BRIO® USA: 4-Wheel Rechargeable Engine (from USA) - also see 8 wheel rechargeable engine (from USA)

BRIO® Trainsets (new and used, ebay)

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See these bargain Brio trains and accessories live on ebay.

BRIO Playtable

Brio Playtable
A BRIO® play-table
Table includes: 84 play pieces make up this set including a Mighty Red Action Loco, engines and carriages, adventure tunnel, engine shed, crane, platform, mountain tunnel, moveable figures and lots of track. The track is not secured to the playboard allowing children to create their own layouts.

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BRIO® tracks

See this list of tracks.

Brio Long Straight Tracks
BRIO® Long Straight Tracks
BRIO 33402 Wooden Railway System: Intermediate Expansion Set
BRIO® 33402 Wooden Railway System: Intermediate Expansion Set
Brio Mechanical Switches
BRIO® Mechanical Switches
Brio Magnetic Bell Signal
BRIO® Magnetic Bell Signal, at Amazon (UK)
BRIO 33361 Wooden Railway System: Mechanical Turntable
BRIO® 33361 Wooden Railway System: Mechanical Turntable
BRIO 33342 Wooden Railway System: Large Curved Tracks
BRIO® 33342 Wooden Railway System: Large Curved Tracks
BRIO 33337 Wooden Railway System: Short Curved Tracks
BRIO® 33337 Wooden Railway System: Short Curved Tracks
BRIO Stop and Ramp Tracks
BRIO® Stop and Ramp Tracks

BRIO® trains (from

BRIO 33223 Wooden Railway System: Mighty Red Action Loco
BRIO® Mighty Red Action Loco
BRIO 33222 Wooden Railway System: Battery Powered Engine (with Auto-stop & Start)
BRIO® Battery Powered Engine (with Auto-stop & Start)
BRIO 33247 Wooden Railway System: 4 Wheel Rechargeable Engine
BRIO® 4 Wheel Rechargeable Engine
BRIO 33221 Wooden Railway System: Remote Control Engine Action Train
BRIO® Remote Control Engine Action Train
BRIO 33239 Wooden Railway System: Big Green Action Loco
BRIO® Big Green Action Loco
BRIO 33542 Wooden Railway System: Light & Sound Fire Engine
BRIO® Light & Sound Fire Engine
BRIO 30304 Wooden Toys: Pull-Along Engine
BRIO® Pull-Along Engine
Wooden Thomas & Friends: Annie & Clarabel Twin-Pack
Wooden Thomas & Friends: Annie & Clarabel Twin-Pack

Battery operated train set

Brio wooden train set showing train going round track

Brio wooden train set showing hand of child holding train

BRIO® is a toy company founded in Sweden. BRIO® is an acronym for "Brothers Ivar and Osby". BRIO® is famous for their classic wooden toy trains.

This wooden toy train features:

  • A battery powered set
  • Special guide tracks
  • Easy to use battery powered engine
  • Padded mountain
  • Total track length 1762mm/69/4"

Other important information:

  • Manufacturers recommended age 18 months +
  • Requires 1 x AA 1.5V batteries (not included)

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BRIO® Magnetic Bell Signal

BRIO 33754 Wooden Railway System: Magnetic Bell Signal BRIO® 33754 Wooden Railway System: Magnetic Bell Signal. Bell triggered by passing train. No battery to run flat. Compatible with BRIO Wooden Railway System. Made of durable beech wood. For ages 3 years and over. Available for delivery to the UK and most countries in Europe. Delivered by Brio.

"We bought this as an afterthought because it was relatively cheap, but our 3 year old has spent hours running the trains past it to make it ding. Excellent value!", RP, England, rating

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BRIO Train Outline for colouring-in

BRIO train outline
High Resolution:
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BRIO Train Outline for colouring-in
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