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This page has links to trusted furniture retailers selling children's bunk beds on-line.

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Bunk Bed Light
Bunk Bed Light

Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer
Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer rating by over 1000 parents

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Great Little Trading Company Bunk Beds

Great Little Trading Company (GLTC) are a UK based award winning children's furniture and toy shop.

GLTC won the "Best Children's Retailer of the Year" in 2012 and 2013.

See GLTC's list of award winning children's bunk beds (www.gltc.co.uk) available with their no quibble return policy.

Islander Bunk Bed (from GLTC)

Islander Bunk Bed (from GLTC). Solid rubberwood crafted with traditional techniques for strength and durability.

Details >>>

Bunk Beds (Amazon)

Amazon have an extensive list of over 100 different bunk beds, including: metal frame, triple bunk beds, and bunk beds made of wood.

Amazon have a feedback system for rating products from 1 to 5 stars. When buying from Amazon check the rating and feedback of the bunk bed.

See this list of best selling bunk beds from Amazon.co.uk.

Birlea 3 ft Corfu Bunk Bed

Birlea 3 ft Corfu Bunk Bed . Low cost. Good value for money. 4/5 star reviews from over 40 customers as of December 2013.

Details >>>

About Bunk Beds

A bunk bed is a great idea for a child's room. Bunk beds save space and at the same are great fun. Friends can stay over. Your little ones will make good use of this new piece of bedroom furniture. Children often create a play-house by putting blankets over the bed posts. Put a pirate flag above the bunk bed and you have a Pirate Ship!

Bunk Beds fall under the UK government Health and Safety regulations of 1987 - see this PDF for details. Parents are strongly advised to familiarise themselves with bunk bed safety requirements.

Bunk Beds (KidsRooms.co.uk)

Kids Rooms.co.uk is based in Southampton. Launched in 2004, Kids Rooms sells high-quality children's furniture on-line to parents all over the UK.

Here is a selection of a few of their bunk beds. See all their bunk beds here.

Montana Cabin Bed
Titouan Convertible Bunk Bed Set
Matti Beech Bunk Bed Set with Red Trim
Matti Beech Bunk Bed Set with Red Trim

EN747-1 - Bunk Bed Safety Standard

The European standard EN747-1 was published in 1993, superseding BS6998. This standard deals with raised beds, including bunk beds, midsleepers and highsleepers. It covers the design of these beds for the safety of occupants and users - including the bars or supports that stop the occupant falling out and the design, construction and fitting of ladders and steps for accessing the bed. The dimensions and requirements for the safe manufacture and sale of bunk beds is also covered by law in England and Wales.

Bunk Beds (used and new on ebay)

eBay is becoming a popular shopping portal for new furniture - see the links below for bunk beds from under £100 up to £500.

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