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Hi and welcome to the Boot Kidz - a small design company based in London. We specialise in making clothes stands and also promote childrens coat stands from other manufactures.

This page has links to over 20 pages on our website relating to children's coat stands.

Victorian Reproduction Bentwood Hat, Coat & Umbrella Stand Victorian Reproduction Coat Stand 4 Star
Sweetheart Clothes Rail
Sweetheart Clothes Rail at 5 Star

Coat Stands for Children

Wooden Coat Stand Wooden Coat Stands
Dragon Coat Stand Dragon Coat Stand
Princess Coat Stand Princess Coat Stand
Flower Coat Stand Flower Coat Stand
Sail Coat Stand Sail Coat Stand
Butterfly Coat Stand Butterfly Coat Stands
Safari Coat Stand Safari Coat Stand
Noah Coat Stand Noah Coat Stand
Teddy Coat Stand Teddy Coat Stand
Pencil Coat Stand Pencil Coat Stand

Children's Coat Stands

We have collected a selection of children's coat stands, coat hooks, clothes stands, coat pegs, coat racks, garment rails, and clothes racks.

From this page you will find links for over 20 pages and over 100 different types of coat stands that we have on our website. It's taken us many years to collect and build this website. Enjoy your browsing!

Coat stands for Boys

Race-car Coat Stand Race-car Coat Stands
Pirate Coat Stand Pirate Coat Stand
Fireman coat stand for boys Fireman coat stand

Coat stands for Girls

Pink Coat Stands Pink Coat Stands
Heart Clothes Rail Heart Clothes Rail
Sun and Moon coat stands Sun and Moon coat stands
Fairy coat stand Fairy coat stand

Children's Clothes Rails and Coat Hooks

Heart Clothing Rail Heart Clothing Rail
Helicopter Coat Hooks Helicopter Coat Hooks
Rotating Clothes Hook Fun Rotating Clothes Hook
Hello Kitty Coat Stand Hello Kitty Coat Stand
Number 1

Children's Clothes Stands (Amazon)

Amazon have a wide range of children's clothes stands made by different manufactures.

Kids Coat Stands (new and used, ebay)

eBay has a selection of coat stands for children. See the thumbnail images below for a selection of coat stands on eBay right now.

Ebay Top Rated Trust Banner

Popular coat stands for kids

Wooden Coat Stand for Children
Wooden Coat Stand for Children
Clothes Rails for Children
Clothes Rails for Children (Bootkidz #1 Best Sellers)
Dragon Coat Stand for Children
Dragon Coat Stand for Children

Funky Clothes Stands for Children

Children's clothes stands are becoming more colourful, more cute, and more fashionable by the day. Furniture designers have focused their attention on creating useful coat stands for children. These are duel-purpose - for example toy storage as well as to hang clothes. The wooden coat stand sold by Blooming Marvellous is an example of a simple design that children will love because of the bright colourful pegs. Our most popular children's coat stand is a clothes rail rather than a clothes stand. The clothes rail allows parents to use hangers to prepare their children's clothes and hang these ready-to-wear for the next day.

Children's Coat stands on this site

Chloe boot kidz clothes stand
Chloe Boot Kidz clothes stand
Selecta Florella clothes pole
Selecta Florella clothes pole
Sailing coat stand
Sailing coat stand for children


Children's coat stands have become popular with the increase the popularity of office coat stands and coat stands for the home. Parents are buying more expensive designer outfits for their little ones and teaching children the value of expensive clothes is important (not only for parents) but also for the child later in life.

Coat stands for girls and boys

Blue Pirate's clothes stand
Pirate Coat Hooks
Pencil coat stand
Pencil coat stand
Princess coat stand
Princess coat stand

Children's Coat Stands

The selection of children's coat stands below represents a large proportion of the coat stands for children available for purchase over the Internet. We have spent over a year collecting these links. If you think we're missing one please email us at and we'll add it to the list.

Victorian decoration

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