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Concrete is a construction material composed of cement, fly ash, slag, gravel, and crushed rocks - such as limestone or granite, including sand and water and other chemicals for mixing.

This concrete texture is useful for rendering objects in 3D Studio Max, Maya, or Blender. Examples of 3d concrete objects are:

  • Cement Wellington Boots
  • Concrete Structures and Buildings
  • Concrete Statues
  • Concrete Art

Concrete Texture

Please feel free to use this image of a concrete texture for whatever purpose you wish.

Concrete Texture for 3d rendering
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Concrete Texture 2

This is another concrete texture. This is a larger image.

Large Concrete Texture
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Using the concrete texture for making concrete wellies

Once you've made your concrete pattern or concrete texture use a digital imaging software package such as Photoshop to create fantastic funky ideas. Here we've made a pair of concrete Wellington boots.

concrete wellington boots
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Concrete Blocks

Here you can see some real concrete blocks for sale.

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3D Software

If you're looking for cheap 3D software then eBay is a good place to find used and new 3D software, see the links below for a bargain.

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