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The Boot Kidz

Bootkidz Delivery Truck


The Boot Kidz weigh approximately 15 lbs or 7 kgs. The frame weighs 8 lbs or 4 kg. The base weighs 2 lbs or 1 kg. This gives a total weight of 25 lbs or 12 kg including packaging. The dimensions of the delivered item are 140cm x 45cm x 12cm.


The item is shipped in a single consignment box using the double-boxing technique recommended for this item by the delivery company we use. Each part gets its own protective box. The consignment box is filled with polystyrene chips so that the Boot Kidz is completed protected from impact.

Attention to detail

Each part of the Boot Kidz gets wrapped with care and attention to detail in a double layer of bubble-wrap. The frame, cement boots, and MDF base are packed into their own 150gsm double wall boxes and put into the same consignment box and separated from each other by packaging tape, polystyrene chips, and bubble-wrap. Finally, even though we are confident the product is safely packaged, we place a large FRAGILE sticker on the consignment box - for additional piece of mind that it will be handled with care by our delivery team.

Customer guarantee

Should you be unhappy in anyway with the packaged products please return packaging and products for a full refund - please see our returns information.


We deliver to the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Member countries of The European Union
  • Australia
  • South Africa

FREE delivery in the UK

Delivery within the United Kingdom is FREE (because we deliver it personally).

International Delivery

Customers in countries other than the UK will be required to pay a delivery charge at international delivery rates. Signed for delivery with online tracking is used. You will be sent the online tracking code by email as soon as it is shipped.

International Delivery

Parcel Force Logo
Parcel Force Worldwide

We use Parcel Force (08708501150) for international deliveries.


  • No Delivery charge to UK
  • Delivery charge USA = 100
  • Delivery charge South Africa = 100
  • Delivery charge Canada = 100
  • Delivery charge Australia = 100

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