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Who are "The Boot Kidz"?

The Boot Kidz are a collection of designer coat stands made in metal bar with Wellington Boots. We took the separate concepts of coat stands and wellies and combined these products to create a new unique product.

What are "The Boot Kidz"?

The Boot Kidz are cartoon character coat stands. You can hang jackets, coats, scarves, hats, belts, and other clothing accessories on the metal frame. They can be used as valet stands, coat stands, mannequins for shop windows, or just for artistic display purposes.

Who designed "The Boot Kidz"?

Karen Henry designed The Boot Kidz whilst studying for her furniture design diploma at London Metropolitan University and as part of the requirements for completing her HND diploma in furniture design.

Do you sell your mannequins to independent shops?


Do you have more designs, say for teenagers?

Yes. Please contact us.

Do you rent your mannequins?

Please contact us for rental enquiries. This is more difficult for us to arrange at this time, due to insurance and transport costs. It may be better if you make an initial rental offer and tell us you requirements. Please send us an email.

How much does a Boot Kidz Coat Stand cost?

See the individual pages of each Boot Kidz (Chloe, Joe, or Lucy)

Can I use The Boot Kidz for a photo shoot, news story, magazine article, or website article?

Yes. Please send a link or information regarding the location of the article to karen(at)bootkidz.co.uk. Kindly link to http://www.bootkidz.co.uk. See our press pack/release information here.

Will you link to my website?

In most cases we will not link to any website. It must be relevant to what we do and be informative. Send us a link to your website and we will consider linking to it.

Will you sell my products on your website?

If the products are relevant to the Boot Kidz. Yes, we will consider all products that are related. Please send us a short description of the product and a link to where customers can buy the product. We prefer original manufacturers or linking to wholesalers. Please send us the link to your website. Put - "I read your FAQ" in the subject to get our attention.

Do you work with any charities?

We donate monthly to the NSPCC and the World Wildlife Fund. We are also starting a second hand kids welly collection for charity - stay tuned.

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How can we help?

Email your questions to: karen@bootkidz.co.uk

Contact us directly using our contact us form.


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