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Welcome to Bootkidz, a design company based in London. Giraffe wellies are cute, fun, rubber rain boots with giraffe skin patterns.

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See our giraffe pattern wellies that we've designed on this page and this page of Giraffe photos that we have taken of real giraffes in the South African wild.

Lowther Unisex Wellies
Lowther Unisex Wellies 4 Star

Animal Pattern Wellies

Giraffe Wellies Giraffe Wellies
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Giraffe Wellies (

Amazon have a selection of giraffe pattern wellington boots - see the links below:

Giraffe Wellies

Stormwells giraffe print kids wellington
Stormwells giraffe print kids wellington
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About the Giraffe

The giraffe is one of natures most beautiful creatures covered in yellow, brown, and black irregular shapes. The tallest of all land animals with tallest giraffe recorded at 20ft. Found in herds in southern and central Africa, the giraffe roams the savannas, grasslands, and woodlands searching for twigs and leaves to eat.

Giraffe Glamour Ladies Wellies Wellington Boots

Giraffe Glamour Ladies Wellies Wellington Boots

Giraffe Glamour Ladies Wellies Wellington Boots

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Giraffe Wellies

Find Giraffe boots on ebay - see the links below - also see this list of giraffe wellies on

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Giraffe Boots on Ebay

Giraffe Wellington Boots (ebay)

Giraffe baby shoes

Groovy Giraffe Shoes - Leather Baby Shoes

Soft, breathable leather with non-slip soles

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