One year unconditional guarantee

on Boot Kidz coat stands

Kids coat stands, The Boot Kidz

Sales of Goods

Under UK law, consumers are protected by the Sale and Supply of Goods act of 1979 and 2002.

In addition to UK consumer law, The Boot Kidz gives all our customers, a one year unconditional guarantee (*) on it's Boot Kidz coat stand.

(*) Note: All other products sold through this website do not fall under this guarantee. Please note: We are only responsible for the quality of Boot Kidz coat stands. Please contact the respective manufacture of other products for details.

Full-Refund and How to return

Should you want to return the Boot Kidz coat stand, please contact us first by email or telephone to arrange a return delivery date and then return the coat stand and original packaging for a full-refund (**). See the returns page for address details and more information.

(**) Note: Shipping and packaging costs are not included in the full-refund guarantee. You may be charged for the cost of the packaging used to ship the Boot Kidz coat stand. Please look after the packaging for the duration of the guarantee period to avoid this charge. We may charge a shipping-fee.

What to return

Please ensure the packaging, metal coat stand, boots, wooden base and screws are returned as well as any other items we may have supplied e.g. bolt keys.

Your rights

For your consumer rights see: Consumer rights We are a business based in the United Kingdom and are subject to UK law.

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