How to make rubber rain boots

The process of manufacturing rubber boots

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Rubber Boots Making - Viking Askim Penang Part 1

This video shows the production of rubber rain boots at the Viking Askim Penang factory in Malaysia. It shows [0:55] the process of collecting latex from plantations and then processing this latex to create rubber blocks used for rubber boots. The machinery, rollers, and equipment are displayed at various stages in the process. Tests are conducted on the rubber to test it's strength, tear resistance, and water-proofness.

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Rubber Boots Making - Viking Askim Penang Part 2

The second part of the video shows the making of the components of the rain boots. It shows the various cutting machines (band-saws) used to shape the pieces. The video shows the quality control checks. At [4:00] it shows the soles being molded.

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Rubber Boots Making - Viking Askim Penang Part 3

The last part of the video serious shows the assembly of the boots. It shows the attachment of the galosh around the rubber of the boot to waterproof the boot. The complete boot is first seen at [2:28]. The curing of the boots (vulcanisation) is shown at [2:50]. The boots are heated and pressurised for 1½hours. An interesting test is shown at [3:38] which shows testing for air leaks. At [4:00] the boots are boxed.

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Overview of Rubber Boot Making Process

  • Rubber Plantation is planted
  • Latex from Rubber Tree is extracted into buckets
  • Blocks of Dried Latex are stacked in a warehouse or in the open-air to dry
  • Blocks transported to boot making factory by truck and or boat
  • Blocks rolled flat using industrial rubber rolling machines
  • Flattened rubber cut to handling size by industrial band-saw
  • Pieces of rubber are assembled by hand into boots
  • Injection/Compression moulding is used for soles of boots
  • Assembled rubber boots are vulcanised in large industrial ovens
  • Boots are subjected to quality inspection
  • Finished boots are packed and distributed
  • Boots are sent to retail shops
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