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Where can I buy Hush Puppies boots?

See this list of children's Hush Puppies boots on Here are all Hush Puppies boots for women and men showing latest arrivals first - see this link. See the Hush Puppies official home page here (UK) or here (USA)

Hush Puppies Boots (

Hush Puppies Boots (new and used, ebay)

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Hush Puppies Womens Pritlam Long Boots Black

Hush Puppies Womens Pritlam Long Boots Black

Hush Puppies Womens Pritlam Long Boots Black

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About Hush Puppies Boots

Celebrating over 50 years of style, Hush Puppies Shoes and Boots arrived in the UK in the late 1950's from the USA. Hush Puppies and their logo of Jason the Basset Hound is one of the most recognised foot-wear brands in the world.

TY Tracker the Basset Hound Beanie Buddy
More Soft Toy Basset Hounds on

Origins and history of Hush Puppies boots

Originally, sold through high street footwear giant Saxone (now owned by Barratts). Offering both comfort and style, these comfortable suede shoes became a firm fashion favourite. Visit the (UK) website or (USA) and see the quality of their shoes and boots.

Latest Hush Puppies boots

Hush Puppies Velia
Hush Puppies Velia
Hush Puppies Beagle
Hush Puppies Beagle

Where can I buy Hush Puppies shoes and boots?

Get the latest Hush Puppies from the largest shoe and boot dealer in Europe - Hush Puppies boots at have their own 'Hush Puppies boots' section - see here for the UK or here for the USA - see here for just the boots. Ltd. - Hush Puppies - Mens

Hush Puppies Glacial

Hush Puppies Glacial shoe sale logo
Up to 70% discount at
Available in sizes 3 to 8 UK. Colour: black. See merchant size chart for Hush Puppies.

Product details:
  • Casual calf length ladies boots
  • This item can only be delivered within the UK
  • Delivered by Hush Puppies on

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Hush Puppies boots next to box
The Box
Sole of Hush Puppies boots
The Sole
Closeup of Hush Puppies boots buckle
The Buckle

Interesting Fact: Hush Puppy Food

There is an American snack called "Hush Puppies" (also see photo of hush puppy food here) - this according to legend is the origin of the name for Hush Puppies shoes and boots.

Hush Puppies Ladies Belleville Boot

"These boots come up in the right size. I bought a size 4 and found them to be exactly right. Very hard wearing soles and comfortable immediately." ,DH, Middlesex, UK stars

Available in sizes 2 to 10 UK - Check site for details (May be all sold out). In dark brown and black.

Product detail:
  • Brand: Hush Puppies
  • Fastening: Pull On
  • Heel Type: Platform
  • Heel Height: 1.5 inches
  • Boot Length: Ankle
  • Outer: Leather
  • Inner: Fabric
  • Sole: Manmade

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Hush Puppies (order from the USA)

Get the latest Hush Puppies boots direct from the USA. Delivery to Europe, Asia, USA, and Canada. Please read the shipping instructions on the link page for delivery costs.

Hush Puppies Little Kid
Hush Puppies Little Kid
Women's Hush Puppies Siberia
Women's Hush Puppies Siberia

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