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Loywe - Mannequin

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Window Display Mannequin

child mannequins in gap shop window

Window designers for clothes shops place mannequins in the window to attract the attention of passers-by.


Clothes Display Mannequin in Shops

Mannequins are used inside shops to display clothes and for visual merchandising. This is a well-known retail technique used to increase the sales of fast selling items.

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Mannequins used as unpaid extras in movies

Movie producers use mannequins as extras in movies. This has a significant cost saving. Nowadays 3D animation is replacing this technique, but when you're in a rush or don't have the budget a mannequin is much less expensive. In fact, mannequins have even been used in a leading role in a mainstream movie, Mannequin (1987).

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Mannequins used for tailoring

Tailors mannequin

Tailors use mannequins to fit clothes for their customers. Some mannequins have adjustable proportions for this very purpose.

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Mannequins used as clothes valets

mannequin valet

Mannequins can be used to hang your coats and jackets in your dressing room. This is suitable for mens coats and ladies coats will be less creased and last longer.

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Mannequins used for emergency medical training

CPR dummy Defibrillation/CPR manikin

Mannequins are used to train medical staff in life saving resuscitative techniques (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation - CPR). A different spelling of mannequin is used - Manikin to indicate these mannequins are for medical purposes.

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Crash test dummies

Crash test dummies

Mannequins are used as crash test dummies in vehicle virtual and real crash simulations. It's much safer than using a human and the chances of a lawsuit is lower. Crash tests help improve vehicle safety and reduce fatalities due to front and side impacts when driving.

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Police Mannequin

In the USA, Police put mannequins in squad cars alongside highways so that speeding motorists slow-down fearing they have been spotted breaking the law. In Japan, officials place concrete policeman at accident hot spots. In the UK MDF policeman have been placed in garage windows to prevent people not paying for petrol.

Police sometimes use mannequins to recreate crime scenes. Placing a look-alike victim in places regular passers-by would notice and hopefully help these passers-by recall a memory of the crime.

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Jewellery Mannequin

Jewellery Mannequin
Jewellery Mannequin. See more Jewellery Mannequins here.
Jewellery Mannequin
Jewellery Mannequin wearing jeans


Hairdressers Mannequin

Hairdressing Training Head. As used in colleges and salons
Hairdressing training head. As used in colleges by hairdressing students and in professional salons. Also see child's hairdressing mannequin head.

Lifting Manikin

The Anatomical Lifting Manikin (310K)
The Anatomical lifting manikin - Demonstrates how the vertebrae of the human spinal column react when heavy objects are lifted correctly and incorrectly.

Football Mannequin

Training Mannequins for football popular with professional football players. These are usually placed in-front of the goal posts for players to practice penalty shots to create a free-kick wall of players. See more football mannequins here.

Mannequin for charity fund raising

Another neat idea is to use a mannequin for charity fund raising. People will notice the mannequin. Put a tip jar or money bucket near-by or in the mannequins hand.

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Mannequin for fitness

Mook Jong Training - Martial Arts

These wooden dummies are in used for training in chinese martial arts, in particular: Kung fu and Wing Chun. The "arms" and "legs" are attached in such a way as to give them the springiness of a real person. This resistance fighting technique builds strength and hand-eye co-ordination in the fighter.

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Selling and Buying 2nd Hand Mannequins

eBay is the main site for selling and buying second hand mannequins.

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