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Fisher Price British Lawn Mower
Fisher Price Lawn Mower
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Hi and welcome to Bootkidz, a design company based in London. We've recently updated this page with links to lawn-mower toys.

See this 'Little Tikes Gas N Go Mower' made by 'Little Tikes' and sold on

Outdoor Fun and Games for Kids: Over 100 Activities for 3-11 Year Olds by Jane Kemp and Clare Walters

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Kids Lawn Mowers (Amazon)

See this list of toy lawn-mowers on

For visitors from the USA and Canada see this list of kids lawn mowers.

Pretend Lawn-mowers/Toy Lawn-mowers (new and used on eBay)

Find kids lawn mowers on eBay - see the list below:

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Bubble Lawnmower

kids bubble lawn mower
Gold Welly Award
Gold Award

Push the play lawnmower and watch the bubbles blow.

Bubble Lawnmowers

Lawn mower blowing bubbles Child controlling bubble flow of bubble lawn mower

LARGE Kids lawnmower for children with bucket

LARGE Kids lawnmower for children with bucket

LARGE Kids lawnmower for children with bucket

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The Lawn Mower

The lawn mower was invented by English engineer Edwin Beard Budding in 1827. Read more about the history of the lawn mower.

Pretend Lawn-mowers

These pretend lawn-mowers for children are all under �20. See link for details.

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower
Fisher-Price Bubble Mower
Mookie Lawnmower 1 (Colours may vary)
Mookie Lawnmower 2 (Colours may vary)

Bubble Liquid

Bubble Liquid - 1 Litre
Bubble Liquid - 1 Litre
Gazillion Bubbles 230ml Gazillion Bubbles
Gazillion Bubbles 230ml Gazillion Bubbles
Zubbles Coloured Bubbles - Presto Pink 4Fl oz.
Zubbles Coloured Bubbles - Presto Pink 4Fl oz, choose: blue or pink

Fisher Price Bubble Mower

Fisher Price Bubble Mower
Pretending to mow the lawn is now twice the fun. This Bubblemower comes with dual exhaust pipes blowing out twice as many bubbles. Pull the cord for a revving sound. Sounds just like a real lawnmower. Have a blast with twice the bubble action. Bubble solution included. Manufacturer's recommended age 2 years +.

"A fantastic outdoor toy, as its getting to the summer , and as the hosepipe ban kicks in this a great way to ensure children can still have fun outdoors. The faster they run the more bubbles come out ensuring lots of hilarity! Can they count the bubbles as they come out?! A good way too for your children to get exercise whilst still playing and having lots of fun! I would highly recommend this, my kid never gets bored of it, and its good for parents as you can get on with gardening etc whilst keeping an eye on your child playing outside.", EM, Coventry, England stars

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Smoby Lawnmowers

Smoby Lawnmower
Smoby Lawnmowers (Sold out)
Play Mower
Play Mower

Green and red pretend lawnmower for children. Available for delivery to the UK and most countries in Europe.

Lawn Mower Outline for Colouring-in

Here is an outline of a lawn-mower for colouring-in.

Lawn Mower Outline
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Lawn Mower Outline

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