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This page has information about Joe Bootkidz, a cartoon style coat stand or mannequin that can be used for shop window display for children's clothing boutiques or as a designer coat stand.

See here for information on buying Joe Bootkidz. See here for a 3D image of Joe on a Skateboard. For the little ones here is a fun activity - an outline of Joe to colour-in. Also see here for a spinning animation of Joe.

Joe showing measurements, height, and width

Product Detail

  • Height: 125 cm/4 feet and 1 inch
  • Weight: 5 kgs or 12 lbs
  • Solid metal bar frame
  • Sealed dye concrete Wellington boots
  • Solid MDF base with holes for screw fittings
  • Allen key bolts

About Joe Bootkidz

Joe was designed in 2005 by Karen Henry and featured in the London Design Festival 2006 in partnership with Gap Kids as part of a retail window display on Regent Street in London.

A number of Joe coat stands were made for this event and since 2006 these mannequins have been loaned out to a number of fashion shows and design exhibitions for use as exhibition pieces for use as fashion mannequins for children's clothing.

Hire or Buy

Joe is available for purchase or hiring as a window display or retail mannequin from Bootkidz Ltd, for payment options see below. Joe is available in a variety of colours including green, purple, yellow, red, orange. Joe can be custom made to order.

Materials used in manufacture

Joe is made using high-strength steel rod, bent using an industrial machining process. It is very difficult to bend this steel making it ideal for wire-frame mannequins.

The paint is electro-painted onto the steel for a glossy thick paint quality-finish.

Joe's shoes are made with cast cement using a Wellington boot mould, and fixed to an MDF base using concrete bolts.

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Large image of Joe showing electro-painted metal frame of clothes stand
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Joe Bootkidz (clothes stand mannequin)
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Victorian decoration

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