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Lucy by Karen Henry

Cartoon Style 2D/3D Bootkidz Clothes Stand/Mannequin

Who is Lucy Bootkidz?

Lucy is a wire mannequin originally designed as a line drawing sketch by Karen Henry in 2005. Lucy is made from 3/8 inch twisted steel rod using an industrial machine. Lucy was designed at the London Metropolitan University in London as part of Karen Henry's final project in HND furniture design and realisation.

The Boot Kidz Family

Lucy is part of a family called "The Boot Kidz", which also include Joe and Chloe.

Lucy in Window Displays

Lucy has colourful wavy yellow hair and a blue dress - other colours are available. Lucy has appeared in a leading retail department stores window displays as a fashion mannequin. See her in the window display at Gap in Regent Street London. She has also appeared in Debenhams children's spring collection.

Cement Wellington Boots

Lucy's Wellington Boots are made from dyed cement. These are cast using a Wellington Boot mold designed by Karen using original wellies and sand casting.

Electro-Painted 'Bubblegum Paint' Frame

The frame is electro-painted. Electro-painting is paint applied using electricity. Paint is applied to a metal frame paint particles are attracted to the frame building a thick layer of "bubblegum-look" paint.

From the side she is thin - from the front you can see right through her.

Here's a fun flash animation: Spin Lucy here.

Hang clothes or fashion accessories such as scarves, gloves, rain-coats etc.

Recently uploaded added a google video of Lucy. Press related download section.

Lucy showing measurements: height and width

Product Detail

  • Lucy's height is 133cm or 4 feet and 3 inches.
  • Total weight is 5 kgs or 12 lbs.
  • Solid metal bar frame.
  • Sealed dye coloured concrete boots.
  • Solid MDF base with holes for screw fittings.
  • Allen key bolts attach each concrete boot securely to the base.
  • Frame available in a range of colours.
  • 3D animation
Large image of Lucy.
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Lucy Clothes Stand/Coat Stand/Mannequin


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Lucy Bootkidz (clothes stand mannequin)
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Lego Bootkidz

Lego Lucy Bootkidz
Lucy made in Lego
Lego Chloe Bootkidz
Chloe made in Lego
Lego Joe Bootkidz
Joe made in Lego

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