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Ideas for storing and displaying jewellery

Loywe - Mannequin / Dummy / bust /- Female, White- LW6036 White
Loywe - Mannequin

Mannequin Jewellery Display Units

Jewellery Stands Jewellery Stands
Jewellery Hands Jewellery Hands
Neck Displays Neck Displays
Ring displays Ring displays
Chrome Hand Jewellery Stand
Chrome Hand Jewellery Stand (also see in silver)


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See this list of mannequin jewellery hands on

Also see this funky daisy flower hand painted jewellery stand from "Not on the High Street"

Jewellery Hands (new and used, ebay)

Set of Two White Jewellery Hands

Set of Two White Jewellery Hands

Set of Two White Jewellery Hands

Details >>>

Set of Two Silver Jewellery Hands

Set of two slightly different hands for hanging your jewellery. Perfect for your rings, necklaces, bracelets or watches. The timeless silver design makes it a perfect gift idea. Measurements: Height 33cm, Width 8,8cm, Depth 7,5cm.

Two silver mannequin jewellery stands on a white plinth with red rose petals for decoration Details >>>

Using a jewellery hand in your display window

Yellow, Red, Blue Fine Art Poster Print by Wassily Kandinsky
Kandinsky Art

It is a well known that the human eye is naturally attracted to colours and shapes. The famous Russian artist Kandinsky created abstract art base on this knowledge using random lines, colours, and shapes to create attractive art based on what he called "inner beauty".

Principles of Visual Merchandising

This same principle applies in visual merchandising. Shapes and colours are used to attract customers attention to products placed carefully in a window display or on the shop floor.

Use of mannequin parts

Mannequin full-figures and hands of mannequins attract the attention of passers-by like iron to a magnet. Placing jewellery - not necessarily on a jewellery hand, but near the hand elevates the status of the item and increases the chances of the customer seeing the product.

Desirable Jewellery Boxes

Wooden jewellery box with mirror
Wooden jewellery box with mirror, handmade mother of pearl gift, lacquer wood jewelry case, black chrysanthemum
Wooden jewellery box with drawers
Wooden jewellery box with drawers
Wood Jewellery Boxes Chest
Wood Jewellery Boxes Chest
Hand Painted AMIA Jewellery Trinket Box 'Pond Hawk'
Hand Painted Jewellery Trinket Box

Hand for Jewellery (Black)

Mannequin black hand for jewellery

A hand to put rings on. Great for jewellery shop or just for your dressing table. This item can only be delivered within the UK.

  • Stunningly Beautiful Black Leopard Ring Holder
  • Height Approximately 11.5" (29cm)
  • An Ideal Gift For Hanging Jewellery & Rings
  • Made From Solid Resin
  • Brand New & Boxed - Dispatched Within 1 Working Day By Cygnet Gifts

Details >>>

Also from the Discovery Store: see Hand Jewellery Stand (black)


"I ordered this product in black - I must say the chrome looks pretty cool in the pictures - however, I did by another two for my friends. It could have been a little better in quality, but I am quite fussy and have bought it for others, so it must be good! The other jewellery stands are so over the top with designs and this hand design is very simple, yet artistic. I am very happy with it - you will need to purchase some blue-tac or something to make it stand with the weight of some jewellery. However, I am very happy with the purchase - it would make a nice gift for a lady who has jewellery in a box where it does nothing but get ridiculously tangled!!" , J, London, star rating

"Just ordered one of these as I have way too much jewellery that gets all tangled and this was the 'coolest' looking stand I could find. It looks great and holds tons of bracelets, necklaces and even rings. Couldn't ask for more.", KT, Devon, UK, star rating

Hand for Jewellery (Silver/Chrome)

Mannequin gold hand for jewellery

Retro, kitsch, and funky open jewellery mannequin hand. Display jewellery in style. Ideal for rings, bracelets and necklaces. In silver/chrome colour. This item can only be delivered within the UK.

See Details >>>

Other jewellery stands

Hand made Sturdy Jewellery Necklace Tree display stand
Hand made Sturdy Jewellery Necklace Tree display stand
Silver plated ring stand or ring holder in the form of a dog
Silver plated ring stand or ring holder in the form of a dog (also see cat)
Antique Silver Plated Fairy Ring Stand
Antique Silver Plated Fairy Ring Stand
Umbra Bijou Metal Jewellery Tree with Tray Chrome
Umbra Bijou Metal Jewellery Tree with Tray Chrome
Metal Bra ring hanger Orange
Orange Metal Bra ring hanger (sold out - see this link for similar items)
Victorian decoration

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