Mannequins Dancing

Stop Motion Animation of Mannequins Dancing

Loywe - Mannequin / Dummy / bust /- Female, White- LW6036 White
Loywe - Mannequin
The Animator's Survival Kit
The Animator's Survival Kit

Welcome to Bootkidz, a small design company based in London. We've collected a few videos from youtube that show mannequins dancing using stop motion animation.

Here's a great page from Heather's - animations galore! - it's got loads of gif animations of people dancing.

This company - ADM UK Ltd - specialises in making moving/animated full-figure mannequins using electro-mechanics.

Dan Fergus Design presents an exercise in inverse kinematics - which is a technique that allows the animator to build the bones and create movement in an animated 3d mannequin - as can be created in software such as poser or 3d Max.

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation uses time-lapse photography techniques. Time lapse photography predated the first cartoon animations. The first stop-motion films were "Un Bon Bock" (Emile Reynaud, France, 1884), "Matches an Appeal" (England, 1899), and "The Enchanted Drawing" (USA, 1900, 1 min 26 seconds at 18 fps) filmed by Thomas Edison (see below).

History of Stop Motion Animation

Willis O'Brien was one of the pioneers of stop motion animation, using a small model and the superposition of people on film technique to create King Kong (1933). O'Brien studied the movements of gorillas in zoos and other large animals to develop his characterisation of Kong.

Mannequin Animation

For the mannequins used in the stop-motion animations below, see our art mannequin page.


Clay animation or �Claymation� stop-Motion films use Plasticine� or foam to model creatures and animals. Nick Park is one of the most well known claymation directors. His studio is Aardman Animation Studios (Wallace and Gromit). His first short film "Creature Comforts" (1993) won him his first Oscar. Another earlier example is Tony Hart's "Morph" (1977).

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