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Hi and welcome to Bootkidz. This page has links to over 10 pages of patterns and desktop backgrounds on our website.


Patterns repeat interesting things multiple times within in an image. Sometimes these repeated things are slightly different making the image more interesting.

Patterns in Nature

Nature uses patterns for camouflage to hide animals in grasses or forests. Nature also uses patterns to create distinguishing beauty to create competition and increase fitness in an animal species.

Patterns in Fashion

Patterns are also common in the fashion industry. Common patterns in the fashion industry include hearts, dots, stripes and diamond shapes.

Boot Bling
Stickers for Wellies 3 Star

Bootkidz Patterns

Zebra Patterns Zebra Patterns
Number 1
Leopard Patterns Leopard Patterns
Pink Heart Patterns Pink Hearts
Giraffe Patterns Giraffe Patterns

Bootkidz Patterns

Flower Patterns Flower Patterns
Cow Patterns Cow Patterns
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Victorian decoration

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