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Charles Eames

The Saturnus ball or "Satellite" coat rack is a space inspired retro look coat rack designed by Charles Eames in the 1950's. Charles Eames was one of the leading American industrial designers of the 20th century. Since then there have been many designs based on this coat hook. We've collected a list of these designs on this page.

See this list of Saturnus coat racks and accessories on

Karlsson Wall Clock Mixed Spider, Multi Colour, Steel Chrome

Karlsson Wall Clock Mixed Spider, Multi Colour, Steel Chrome. Star shaped retro wall clock in style of Saturnus. Note: Not a coat hanger - it is a clock.

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Saturnus Coat Racks

See the latest horizontal monochrome (black and white) Saturnus style coat rack on

These amazing 1950's style colourful wooden ball "Clef de Sol" coat stand (2 of a kind!) are in a similar style to other coat hooks on this page.

Present Time is one of the leading distributors of the Saturnus coat hook.

Retro, Saturnus, and Atomic Coat Hook Bargains (new and used, ebay)

Retro Saturnus Coat Hook Hat Stand

Retro Saturnus Coat Hook Hat Stand (Colours)
  • A horizontal version of Saturnus.
  • Following in the retro design style of the original Saturnus Coat Hook.
  • For use as a hat stand or coat hook.
  • Multi-colour
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Also available from:

Original Saturnus Coat Hook (in colours)

The original Saturnus design. Each wooden ball represents a satellite (moon) of the planet Saturn. Metal Rods hold the balls at varying distances. The hooks rotate around the central white egg-shaped planet mounted on a chrome wall mount.

Funky Retro Design

"Funky" is a word that goes well with "retro". Funky means cool. Funky means colourful.

The funky retro design of the Saturnus collection (see below) is one of the most successful and popular coat rack and hat holder designs for the home or office of the 20th Century.

Comparison with other popular designs

Not to be confused with the Saturn coat stand by Barber and Osgerby. The Saturnus coat hooks and coat stand collection can be compared with the classic victorian style bentwood coat stand - originally designed by Michael Thonet in the late 1800's. Numerous modern designs based on the classic multi-colour 'spinning satellites' design have been attempted. Below is a selection of links to online retailers of Saturnus coat hooks.

Charles and Ray Eames

The Saturnus coat hook was designed by Charles and Ray Eames (an American industrial and furniture designer) in the late 1950's - better known for his Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman, these designs have become timeless classics. The designs themselves - inspired by the planet Saturn and it's moons - are ingenious to say the least. More Eames designs

Venus Coat Hanger

Venus Coat Hanger, 12 hooks and colourful. Also see this smaller version with 6 hooks.

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Saturnus Coat Hook (White)

White Saturnus coat hook
White Saturnus coat hook. Spinning moons of Saturn function as coat hooks in this unique design. Attaches to wall. Originally designed in the fifties. A modern take on a very retro classic. Sold by Present Time.

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Saturnus Coat Hook (Red or Black)

Red Saturnus spinning wall mounted coat and hat hook
Red Saturnus coat hook
Red or Black Wall Mounted Retro Saturnus Coat Hook/Hat Stand:

This funky Saturnus design coat hook rack has 8 hooks, and comes with wall fixing accessories. Measurements = Height 30cm, Width 35cm Very strong and sturdy, will take the weight of 8 heavy winter coats. Perfect funky storage solution!. Available in red and multi-colours (see below).

Present Time Magazine Rack Saturnus Multi colour Balls Designed by Walter Wuis 50 x 41 x 36.5cm

Present Time Magazine Rack Saturnus Multi colour Balls Designed by Walter Wuis 50 x 41 x 36.5cm

New fantastic quality super stylish magazine rack in funky retro design. This is a substantial magazine rack that will be the envy of all your friends! Designed by Walter Wuis. Dimensions 50 x 41 x 36.5cm.

Retro Saturnus Coat Hook Hat Stand (Colours)

8 coat hooks in different colours in Saturnus style

Present Time Magazine Rack Saturnus Multi colour balls designed by Walter Wuis 50 x 41 x 36.5cm. 4 up and 4 down. This Saturnus design is a horizontal design specifically for wall mounting.

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