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Hunter Junior Young Hunter Original Wellies (Navy)
Junior Hunter Original Wellies (Navy) 4 Star
Crocs Kids Handle It Rain Boot Wellingtons
Crocs Kids Wellies (More Colours Available) 4 Star

Welly Patterns

Pink Heart Patterns Pink Heart Patterns
Skull Wellies Skull Patterns
Wellies with Paw-Prints Paw-Print Patterns
Flower Patterned Wellies Flower Patterned Wellies

Skull Gifts

National Geographic The Human Skull Budget Life-size Skull Human Cranial Skull Anatomy Model
Skull Trinket Box Bronze Tribal Skull Sculpture By Design Clinic Ed Hardy Death Or Glory Tattoo Poster
Silver Gents Skull Ring - Size T Funky Skull & Crossbones Shoulder Bag made from recycled plastic Pirate Skull Temporary Tattoo
Urban Male Mens Stainless Steel Skull Stud Earrings Skullduggery Skulls 61x91.5cm Poster Disco Flashing Skulls
T-Shirt Medium Skull Cracked Skulls Storage Box Small Stainless Steel Skull and Crossbones Cufflinks
Terminator Salvation T-600 Voice N Vision Skull Present Time Bud Skull Duck, Medium Fancy Dress Pirate Scarf Black Fabric W/Skull

Skull Wellington Boots

Skull wellies are in the news - See Chloe Sims in November 2011 wearing a pair of Muddz wellies with skull design.

Here's a great list of skull wellies from - choose Women/Men/Children option from the left menu at the link.

See these new style ladybird and skulls wellies from The Internet Gardener.

Creative Idea - Make your own skull wellies!

Buy a diamante rhinestone skull pattern and iron or glue the diamond pattern onto your wellies. Take care not to damage your wellies! Test on a small patch on the back of the heel. See this list of skull diamante rhinestones.

Skull Wellies (Amazon)

There are hundreds of skull pattern boots on Amazon.

Skull Wellies (new and used, ebay)

eBay has a selection of skull boots.

Ebay Top Rated Trust Banner
Human Skull
The Human Skull

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him,
Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He
hath borne me on his back a thousand times. And now how
abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it.
from Hamlet

New Womens Festival Wellies Wellingtons Boots Sz 3-8

New Womens Festival Wellies Wellingtons Boots Sz 3-8
Details >>>

Black Skull Festival Wellies Wellington Boots

Black Skull Festival Wellies Wellington Boots.
Details >>>

Boys Skulls Bones Pirate Wellies Wellington Boots 10-2

Boys Skulls Bones Pirate Wellies Wellington Boots 10-2

Boys Skulls Bones Pirate Wellies Wellington Boots 10-2
Details >>>

Skull Roses Calf Wellies Wellington Rain Festival Welly Boots

Skull Roses Calf Wellies Wellington Rain Festival Welly Boots

Skull Roses Calf Wellies Wellington Rain Festival Welly Boots
Details >>>

About Skulls

Here are some interesting facts about skulls.

The Human Skull

Did you know that the human skull consists of 22 bones? Only the mandible (jaw bone) is not physically part of the skull, all the other bones are joined by sutures, permitting very little movement. Eight bones form the neurocranium (braincase) - including the frontal, parietals, occipital bone, sphenoid, temporals and ethmoid. These form a protective vault surrounding the brain. Read more about the skull at Wikipedia.

Skull and Cross Bones

The skull and cross bones symbol has many different meanings, such as "danger", "toxic waste", or "poison". The most well known is the Jolly Roger - the name given to any of various flags flown to identify a ship's crew as pirates.

Red Skull Goth Emo Wellies Wellington Boots

Red Skull Goth Emo Wellies Wellington Boots

Limited Stock!!! Red Skull Goth Emo Wellies Wellington Boots. Fully adjustable calf strap for a more comfortable fit. They look fabulous & they are very comfortable!! Enhanced by the all over Skull and cross-bones detailing and strong grip sole.

Also try running this search on ebay for red skull wellies, as these boots are a popular make.

Skull and Crossbones outline for colouring-in

Here's an easy to colour-in skull outline.

Skull and Crossbones Outline
High Resolution:
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Skull and Crossbone Outline. Also see this skull on wellies outline.

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