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Star Pattern Wellington Boots

Stars are celestial objects that burn nuclear fuel to produce vast quantities of heat and light. Our Sun is a star.

Star patterns are sketches, drawings, or renderings of star shapes in homage to these giant wondrous spheres of hot burning gas.

Creative sun worshiping people now put star shaped patterns on almost anything these days - including Wellington Boots!

Star Pattern Posters (

Amazon have a wide range of objects with star patterns, see this list of star pattern wellies on

Star Pattern Wellies (new and used, ebay)

eBay is a marketplace for people trading their used and new items. See this thumbnail for Wellington boots on ebay with star patterns.

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Hatley Kids Fun Stars B Wellingtons Boot

Barratts Womens Ladies Red Star Print Wellington Boots

Hatley Kids Fun Stars B Wellingtons Boot. Also in pink.

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Star Pattern for Colouring-in

Here is a simple star pattern template for you to colour-in. Use your computer or print onto A4 paper. Use crayons or colouring-in pens.

Star Pattern for Colouring-in

Star Pattern for Colouring-in

High Resolution:
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Barratts Womens Ladies Red Star Print Wellington Boots

Barratts Womens Ladies Red Star Print Wellington Boots

Barratts Womens Ladies Red Star Print Wellington Boots. Red boots with white star pattern.

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Yeominis Hedgehog Star Wellies

Yeominis Hedgehog Star Wellies Orange

Yeominis Hedgehog Star Wellies

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