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Hi and welcome to, a small design company based in London. This page has links to popular towel rails and towel stands available to purchase on-line from a variety of retailers.

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Also see ladder towel rails for hanging towels the bathroom.

Victorian Reproduction Bentwood Hat, Coat & Umbrella Stand Victorian Reproduction Coat Stand 4 Star
Sweetheart Clothes Rail
Sweetheart Clothes Rail at 5 Star

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Where can I buy bathroom towel stands?

Caraselle Direct is one of the leading retailers and manufacturers of fabric care accessories. See this is the best selling towel stand 4 Star on sold by Caraselle on See this popular towel stand - this one is arched backwards and is made in chrome., a popular high-street DIY has a selection of towel rails - see the homebase website here.

John Lewis have a small selection of quality towel rails and towel racks - see Towel Rails and Towel Racks (

Other popular high street retailers with towel rails on their websites are:

Towel Stands (Amazon)

See this list of over 70 popular bathroom towel stands on

For delivery to the USA, see here.

Wooden Towel Stands (Amazon)

See bamboo ladders in the Kitchen and Home section on

Towel Stands and Towel Rails

eBay is a popular website for buying towel stands and towel rails - see the links below for bargains and deals. Look for the "Buy it now" button at eBay to skip the auction. Search for Towels Stands - on - also see towel stands on (USA).

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Rope Ladders

Rope Ladder

Rope Ladder towel rail

See options >>>

Free Standing Iron (Antique looking) Towel Rails

LARGE Black Free Standing Iron TOWEL RAIL

Free Standing Iron towel rails

See options >>>

Wooden Free Standing Towel Rails

Wooden Free Standing Towel Rail

Wooden Free Standing Towel Rails

See options >>>

Garden Trading Raw Oak Towel Ladder

Garden Trading Raw Oak Towel Ladder

Garden Trading Raw Oak Towel Ladder

Details >>>

About Towel Stands and Towel Rails

Towel stands are used to keep hand and body towels neat and tidy. Towel rails also reduce drying time, smells, and general bathroom humidity. Heated towel stands improve the drying time of towels and make towels lovely and warm on cold winter days.

Towel stands are usually found in the bathroom, however they can be used in the bedroom as simple valet stands to hang trousers or shirts.

Towel stands and towel racks are manufactured using a variety of materials such as MDF, bamboo, iron, brushed steel, aluminium, chrome, or plastic.

Towel stands and towel racks come in a variety of popular styles including ladder, hanging, free-standing, wall-mounted, electric, or antique.

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