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For removing muddy boots without using your hands


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This page has links to wooden boot jacks for removing shoes, boots and wellies. These boot jacks let you remove your shoes without using your hands.

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About Boot Jacks

Boot jacks are handy devices that you can carry around in the boot of your car or leave at the entrance of your house.

Use these boot gadgets to remove your boots without using your hands. Stand on one end and use the U-shaped end to place the heel of your boot into and pull your foot upwards to remove your foot from the boot.

See this photo of a boot jack in use with ordinary muddy shoes. This invention makes a great Christmas or birthday present as it is unique and useful. If you go for walks in the park in your wellies in the Winter and the grass is muddy then this is very useful to prevent mud from coming into the house.

Boot Jacks (Amazon.co.uk)

Amazon has a wide selection of boot jacks - see the links below.

See this list of wooden boot jacks on Amazon.co.uk.

For visitors from the USA see this link.

Wooden Boot Removers (new and used, ebay)

eBay is a market place for people buying and selling boot jacks - see the links below:

Ebay Top Rated Trust Banner

Oak Boot Jack

Oak Boot Jack

Details >>>

Wooden Boot Jack

Wooden Boot Jack

Details >>>

Wooden Boot Jack and Scraper Brush

Wooden Boot Jack and Scraper Brush

Details >>>

Nether Wallop Trading Company Boot Jack

Nether Wallop Trading Company Boot Jack

Details >>>


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