The Boot Kidz

Who are 'The Boot Kidz'?

The Boot Kidz are Joe, Chloe, and Lucy.

They are a fun set of character coat stand mannequins made in bent metal bar standing in cement Wellington Boots.

Joe wears a cap, Chloe has a cute dress and Lucy a wavy funky hairstyle.


The history of 'The Boot Kidz' started in London, England. In 2005, furniture designer Karen Henry sketched designs of cartoon characters.

This conceptual idea was developed into a unique concept called the Boot Kidz.

It took two years to create the first real life-size Boot Kidz. Using tube-bending and concrete making equipment, she bent the steel to form the outline of the Boot Kidz and poured the concrete to create the cement Wellington Boots. 


The first exhibition of Joe, Chloe, and Lucy was at the London Design Festival 2006 in partnership with Gap Kids.

Since then The Boot Kidz has featured in many exhibitions.