Zebra Patterns

How to make your own Zebra Stripes Background

These are the steps you need to do to make your own zebra stripes pattern. This will take as little as 60 minutes but may take you longer depending on your graphic design skills.

  1. Download a copy of Paint.NET - Paint.NET is an easy to use FREE graphics software package, although you could use more professional products such as Photoshop this is more difficult to use.
  2. Install Paint.Net
  3. Once installed, start Paint.NET and choose File > New and choose an image size that is the same as your desktop size
  4. To find your desktop size, right click on your desktop and view the settings
  5. Once you have a blank image, choose the Line/Curve tool or press the O key
  6. Make sure the color is black
  7. Click and drag the mouse to draw lines on the page
  8. Create lines at even spacing from the top to the bottom of the image
  9. You don't have to draw straight or perfectly parallel lines as a Zebra doesn't have perfect stripes
  10. Now comes the fun part!
  11. Use the Effects menu (or press ALT + C) and choose effects to blur and bend the stripes
  12. Gaussian blur is a cool effect and can make the lines blurred
  13. Distort > Bulge is very useful for creating "zebra body effect" - such as a Zebra's belly!
  14. Remember! Have fun. 
  15. When you are finished save the image as zebra-stripes.jpg - choose jpg, gif, png - and choose a format that makes the image look good and has a small file size. 200 kilobytes/KB is ok, 2MB is not that good!
  16. You can then load your image in Internet Explorer or Firefox by dragging and dropping the image into the browser window, then right click on the image and choose set as background - another way to do this is to choose a background by right-clicking on your desktop and choosing personalize

Zebra in different languages

Language Translation
English Zebra
Albanian Zebër
Arabic حمار الوحش
Albanian Zebër
Bengali জেবরা
Chinese 斑马 or 斑馬
Estonian Sebra
French Zèbre
Greek ζέβρα
Hindi ज़ेबरा
Japanese ゼブラ
Korean 얼룩말
Russian зебра
Spanish Cebra
Thai ม้าลาย

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Zebra Patterns