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Fat-catz-copy-catz 15 Items Doll Dresses Clothes & Shoes Bundle: 5 dresses, 5 shoes & 5 Hangers Made for Barbie Dolls

  • Quality doll's sized clothing bundle to fit 11" sized dolls, Made For Barbie
  • 5 short dresses, 5 pairs shoes/boots & 5 pink hangers (all randomly selected)
  • Items will vary to those shown as we have 100's in stock, UK Shipping for fast delivery!!!!!
  • biggest selection of dolls items available from Fat-catz on Amazon
  • Excellent quality, posted from London by Fat-catz-copy-catz
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Barbie FXT11 Dreamtopia Mermaid Doll, Coral Hair

  • Make a splash with a Barbie mermaid from Barbie Dreamtopia - this fairytale Barbie doll shines with a candy theme
  • This fun mermaids doll wears a distinct outfit with a colourful top and tail decorated with pink, yellow and teal colours with candy-inspired decorations
  • Barbie mermaid has long, coral hair with a teal headpiece to complete the fantasy look
  • This doll bends at the waist so kids can pretend she's swimming in the sea or sit her up to shimmer in the sun
  • Includes a Barbie Dreamtopia mermaid doll with removable headpiece; a matching tiara adds to the colourful look; each sold separately, subject to availability; dolls cannot stand or swim alone; colours and decorations may vary
  • There are lots more Barbie toys let kids recreate favourite Barbie dolls scenes or tell their own Dreamtopia fairy tales about magical lands where adventure never stops and imagination soars (each sold separately, subject to availability)
£11.99 £11.92
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First available:01/12/2018

Barbie FRP56 ESTATE Mo-Ped Motorbike for Doll, Pink Scooter, Vehicle, Multi-Colour

  • This Barbie moped is ready to roll!
  • It comes with a pet friend to share in the fun!
  • The scooter is trendy designed in pink and yellow with silvery accents.
  • Place Barbie doll (sold separately) on the seat where a clip holds her in place - lift up the kickstand and push to head into imagination.
  • A yellow basket on the back is perfect for the puppy to ride along.
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First available:20/11/2017

Barbie FPL82 Dreamtopia Chelsea Doll and Unicorn

  • Unleash your dreams with Chelsea and a Unicorn from the Barbie Dreamtopia Glitter Mountain Kingdom!
  • The unicorn is shiny with its shiny translucent body and a turquoise swirl horn.
  • Unicorn hair and tail are beautiful with long pink and turquoise wicks
  • Chelsea looks inspired by this queen filled with jewelry with a removable skirt, pink shoes and a matching headband with a bow
  • Collect all the dolls and barbie dreamtopia accessories and imagine fantastic tales! (sold separately and subject to availability)
Last change:04/01/2020

Barbie 55975 Hair & Beauty Salon, Multi Colour, One Size

  • Barbie hair and beauty salon. Play with the romantic Barbie vanity mirror.
  • A dream vanity mirror to assemble and decorate, complete with drawers and compartments for organising your hair accessories and beads for making jewellery.
  • Includes dresser with drawers and compartments, hair care set and beads with Barbie style charms
Last change:04/01/2020
First available:01/01/2019

Barbie Styling Head

  • What Barbie do will you style today
  • Use your own creativity to give Barbie a new stylish hairdo
  • Girls will love all the hair styling fun
  • Moms will love the value
  • Features hair accessories, hair clips and hair brush
Last change:04/01/2020
First available:01/07/2009

Barbie Princess Styling Head

  • Includes ring, earrings, hair clips, brush, and a beautiful tiara for the ultimate princess styling fun!
Last change:24/07/2018

Barbie DTW00 Video Hero Match Game Princess Doll

  • Test your memory and be a game changer with the memory game doll inspired by Barbie Video Game Hero!
  • The anime character wears a colourful racing look that features a memory game within the fashions.
  • The doll's pink skirt lights up with a pattern using three coloured lights - repeat the pattern using the corresponding coloured buttons on her belt to play.
  • As more patterns are successfully matched, they become more complicated - plus five different levels can test different memories to the max!
  • Barbie Match Game Princess doll is ready to roll wearing a brightly coloured look and roller skates with working wheels.
£23.99 £16.81
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