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TAOtTAO,Magnifier Backyard Explorer Insect Bug Viewer Collecting Kit for Children

  • A magnified look at insects is the main goal of the World's Best Bug Jar.
  • With both a 2x and 4x magnification built in, this creative invention allows children to closely and safely examine the bugs they catch.
  • Appreciation for the insect kingdom will sure be increased with this great bug jar.
  • Kids love this multi-functional bug jar.
  • This great bug jar features two levels of magnification, a precision-polished acrylic lens, and easy-to-follow instructions.
Last change:12/03/2020

Jabadabado R15076 Bug Jar, Multi-Colour

  • Colourful Jar To Catch Insects In.
  • Available In Different Colours
  • Made In Sweden
Last change:11/12/2019
First available:01/08/2018