Football mannequins

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About Football Mannequins

Football mannequins are brilliant training tools for coaches and football players.

Football mannequins are great when you need to practice goal approach, goal shots, ball curving, and dribbling skills.

Below is a range of football mannequins available to purchase from various web retailers.

See this list of football mannequins on Amazon. The soccer have club-style football mannequins on their website - see their mannequins section.

Football Mannequins

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Ziland Mannequin Marker 122cm/4ft • 183cm/6ft

  • Ziland Mannequin Marker can be used for lots of different training activities such as goalkeeping coaching, training and practicing free kicks or playing coaching sessions.
  • Ideally useful on windy training grounds where mannequins with breast plates can fail to stay upright.
  • Available in 2 sizes: 4ft and 6ft.
  • No assembly required.
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Mitre A9213 Free Kick Dummies, Black (Set of 3)

  • Set of three free-kick dummies to help perfect your set-pieces
  • Become your teams star player - dummies recreate game situations helping you deliver on game day
  • Telescopic poles can be removed for multi-purpose training drills, such as agility exercises
  • Includes carry bag for ease of transport to and from the training field
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Precision Training - Inflatable Mannequin - 2m High - White/red/black

  • 2m high, made from 0.5mm PVC.
  • Lightweight but sturdy construction.
  • Inflates with hand pump (TR739) sold separately.
  • Base fills with water for added stability.
  • Carry handles for easy manoeuvring.
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Only Sports Gear Precision Inflatable Mannequin Training Football ***new

  • Precision Inflatable Mannequin Training Football ***New
  • 2m high made from 0
  • 5mm PVC
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First available:08/10/2018