Kidorable Dinosaur Jacket, Boots, & Umbrella

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Kidorable Dinosaur Infant Hanger Set, Small 5

  • Kidorable Dinosaur Infant Hanger Set Small Size, Set of 5, Strong and Sturdy Wooden Hangers for Kid's Clothing, Fun Designs for Nursery Closets and Children's Bedrooms
  • What will you be A frog A ballerina A dinosaur No matter the character, Kidorable kids hangers let your child travel any direction imagination takes them. Hand-painted and hand-carved, Kidorable wooden hangers make hanging clothes up fun for everyone!
  • Kidorable knows that kids love to do things all by themselves. Let your little girl or boy practice hanging up their shirts & jackets with their own set of Kidorable hand-carved hangers. Strong, wooden hangers are the perfect size for children's clothing.
  • Kidorable took kid's hangers and turned them into decorations that kids & parents will love. Keep your closets organized & save space with child sized hangers. Add even more fun with Kidorable umbrellas, hats, rain jackets, backpacks, scarves, & gloves.
  • Premium Quality: Kidorable hanger sets are sturdy & strong wooden hangers just the size for little one's clothing. Hand crafted with fun designs, these kids hangers are great for a nursery or child's bedroom. Kids will want to hang up their clothes!
Kidorable Dinosaur Infant Hanger Set, Small 5
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Kidorable Green Frog PU All-Weather Raincoat for Boys With Fun Frog Mouth Pocket, Green, 4 Years

  • Kidorable Little Boys' Frog All Weather Waterproof Coat Green Size 4T, All Weather Raincoat (US Sizing), Waterproof, Machine Washable, Fun and Practical, Encourages Imaginative Play
  • What will you be? A ballerina? A ladybug? A dinosaur? Our durable raincoats are machine washable, premium quality waterproof PU with a lightweight nylon lining. Kidorable character raincoats have fun, imaginative designs to keep your little one playing.
  • Your kiddo will wear their Kidorable Rain Jacket in any kind of weather. Our lightweight, waterproof kid's coat is lined in soft, comfy nylon & the hood is a fun character design. Light enough for spring showers, warm & tough enough for fall rainstorms.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Kidorable Raincoats for boys or girls are waterproof and made of durable PU with a printed polyester lining, pockets to pack full of treasures and a hood to keep them warm and dry while waiting for the school bus or playing in the yard.
  • Kidorable knows that rain wear needs to be comfortable as well as waterproof, so we've designed these coats to be lightweight, durable, and soft to keep kids warm & dry. Add to the fun with a fun matching umbrella, rainboots, knit hat, scarf and gloves.
Kidorable Green Frog PU All-Weather Raincoat for Boys With Fun Frog Mouth Pocket, Green, 4 Years
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