Lexibook Weather Stations

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Lexibook - SM1770 - Full View Weather Station Meteoclock

  • Weather station with barometric weather forecast (for the next 12 hours) indicated by animated symbols: sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rainy, rainstorm
  • Exclusive feature: sunrise and sunset timetable according to the location being selected
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature display (in °C or °F)
  • Indoor and outdoor humidity display
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity trend indicator
  • "Comfort zone icon", which indicates if the temperature and hygrometry are optimal
  • Temperature and humidity memory : minimum and maximum
  • Alert for temperature (minimum and maximum)
  • Atmospheric pressure reading (hPa)
  • History bargraph of pressure
  • Calendar, date, month, year, hours, minutes, seconds. 2 Alarms with snooze function
  • Moon and tidal phases
  • 6 parts LCD for clear information reading
  • 1 wireless remote transmitter, drip proof provided - up to 3 possible remote transmitters
Last change:11/12/2019

Lexibook Weather Station Meteoclock Silver, Waterproof Outdoor Sensor, Moon Phase, Alarm and Snooze Function, Battery Operated, silver, SM940

  • Wireless digital weather station with outdoor wireless waterproof sensor (works with up to 3 sensors, transmission channel display
  • Weather forecast displayed via animated symbols: (sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy)
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature display
  • Indoor humidity display
  • Barometric pressure and outdoor temperature trend
  • Radio-controlled clock and calendar: year, month, day, hour and minutes
  • Moon phases
Last change:11/12/2019
First available:03/04/2019

Lexibook Pure Meteo Clock Weather Station

  • Barometric pressure forecast indicated by 5 animated symbols: sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rainy and Cloud Burst.
  • Atmospheric pressure display and graphic representation of ambient pressure history for the last 30hours.
  • Barometric pressure trend indicator.
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature display (C et F).
  • Indoor and outdoor hygrometry display.
£59.99 £53.92
Last change:26/09/2018

Lexibook SM1770 - Full View Weather Station Meteo Clock.

  • Lexibook SM1770 - Full View Weather Station Meteo Clock.
  • Atmosphere projector with 4 themes inspired by nature: earth, water, fire and air. With a single click, create your relaxing atmosphere with the animated projection of dim lights on your walls and ceilings and the diffusion of soothing sounds.
  • Alarm clock and timer function to program the startup and the duration of projection of each theme. Wake up or fall asleep peacefully ...
  • Alarm included with snooze function (repeat). Display time and date. Indoor and outdoor temperature display.
  • Display of indoor and outdoor humidity (humidity level).
  • Comfort Zone Display Icon: Indicates whether the temperature and humidity of the room are ideal.
  • 12 hour weather forecast with 5 animated symbols: sunny, cloudy, cloud, rain, storms.
  • 1 outdoor sensor for temperature and humidity (supplied).
  • Power supply: Main unit: Adapter (supplied) or 3 xAA (not included) / Sensor: 2 x AAA (not included)
Last change:11/12/2019

LEXIBOOK SM1945WH Weather Station

  • Gives accurate 12 hour weather forecast.
  • Outdoor/Indoor temperature display, Outdoor/Indoor humidity display
  • Perputual calendar display function Dynamic colourful weather station
  • Outdoor temperature/humidity. Wireless transmission technology.
  • Alarm and snooze function
£59.99 £59.58
Last change:11/12/2019

Lexibook SM2000 Weather Station with Built-In Humidifier

  • Product description: Lexibook SM2000
  • Product type: weather station with built-in humidifier.
  • Functions: indoor and outdoor temperature display, indoor humidity display.
  • Dimensions: 12 cm x 11.6 cm x 21.6 cm
  • Weight: 0.75 kg.
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years
Last change:11/12/2019

Lexibook - SM1800 - Station Météo Évolution 1

  • Barometric weather forecast (12 next hours) via 5 different animated icons (sunny/partial cloudy/cloudy/raining/stormy)
  • Display of Inside and Outside Temperature
  • Min./Max. temperature memory
  • Hour and minutes, alarm with snooze
  • Calendar with Date and Month
  • Hardware: Unique svelte and classy design, petite size 20 cm tall
  • LED backlit
  • Hinging and rotating foot
  • Wall mount stand supplied (removable foot stand)
  • 1 water resistant sensor supplied
  • Reading from up to 3 wireless transmitters (up to 40m)
  • Station météo avec prévisions du temps barométrique (à 12 heures) par symboles animés : soleil, éclaircies, nuage, pluie, tempêtes
  • Températures extérieure et intérieure
  • Hygrométrie intérieure
  • Mémoire des températures et de l'humidité minimales et maximales
  • Indicateurs de tendance de l'évolution de la température, l'humidité, et la pression atmosphérique
  • Phases lunaires et marées
  • Heures, minutes, date, mois et jour de la semaine en 8 langues
  • Alarme avec fonction « Répétition »
  • Design original : pied rotatif et pivotant
  • Ecrans rétro éclairés bleus
  • Possibilité d'accrocher la station au mur grâce au support amovible fourni.
  • 1 capteur extérieur sans fil avec écran et résistant à la pluie fourni (jusqu'à 3 capteurs possibles)
£39.99 £28.9
Last change:11/12/2019

Lexibook Weather Station Sand and Snow

  • 2 precious stones colours: sand and snow
  • Animated weather forecast symbols: sunny, partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy, and stormy
  • Super-size backlit amber display
  • Built-in barometer sensor
  • Atmospheric pressure display in hPa
  • Indoor temperature display
  • Atmospheric pressure trend indicator: increase or decrease
  • Historical barograph of pressure data history
  • Clock, alarm with Snooze function, calendar: date, day of week
  • The purity of shapes and colors!
  • Animated symbols: sun, cloudy, cloudy, rain, storms
  • Large backlit amber screen
  • Integrated Barometer
  • Display of atmospheric pressure in hectopascals or millibars
  • Indoor temperature
  • Indicator of trend in barometric trends: rise or fall
  • Atmospheric Pressure Historical Graph
  • Clock, day of week, date and alarms with repetition (snooze)
  • 2 colors: sand and snow
  • Power supply: 4 x LR03 (not included)
Last change:19/06/2019

LEXIBOOK SM1600 Square Weather Station

  • Wall-mounted Weather station with comfort zone icons
  • Weather station with wireless waterproof sensor (up to 3 sensors), Indicates if temperature and hygrometry are optimal, Atmospheric pressure measurement and display
  • The ideal accessory for observing nature and playing spies!
Last change:11/12/2019

Lexibook Weather Station Sand and Snow by LEXIBOOK

  • Lexibook Weather Station Sand and Snow
Last change:11/12/2019

LEXIBOOK SM1945TP Weather Station

  • Gives accurate 12 hour weather forecast.
  • Outdoor/Indoor temperature display, Outdoor/Indoor humidity display
  • Perputual calendar display function Dynamic colourful weather station
  • Outdoor temperature/humidity. Wireless transmission technology.
  • Alarm and snooze function
£59.99 £54.74
Last change:11/12/2019

Lexibook MeteoClock Evolution Silver, Barometric Weather Forecast, LCD display, Alarm, 1 wireless remote, Grey, SM1810SV

  • Weather Station with Barometric Weather Forecast with animated symbols
  • Indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Minimum and maximum temperature and hygrometry memory
Last change:11/12/2019

LEXIBOOK SM1102 Multi Function Weather Station

  • Weather station with forecasts indicated with symbols
  • Displays indoor and outdoor temperature in °C or °F, selectable
  • Programmable temperature alarms
Last change:11/12/2019

Lexibook - SM180 - Station Météo Évolution Compact

  • Harmonious design with a very practical rotating base
  • Barometric weather forecast: some user friendly icons indicate what the weather will be in the next 12 hours (sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rainy, stormy)
  • Indoor temperature display
  • Indoor hygrometry display
  • Minimum and maximum temperature display
  • Minimum and maximum hygrometry display
  • Evolution trends of the 3 weather key data: temperature, hygrometry and atmospheric pressure
  • Time, date, and day of the week display in 8 different languages!
  • Alarm clock with snooze function
  • Blue backlight LCD display
£19.99 £17.75
Last change:11/12/2019