Magnetic Reward Chart

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Magnetic Star Chart / Reward Chart ( Large)

  • Easy-to-use magnetic wipe clean board
  • Can be used for 1-4 children with colour-coded stars
  • Can be used for any activities you want - Includes 20 activity suggestions and up to 8 spaces to write your own
  • Includes dry wipe pen and 200+ magnetic stars
  • Now comes with magnetic backing so it can also be attached to a fridge.
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Magnetic Reward/Star Chart suitable for upto 3 children. Rigid board 40 x 30cm with hanging loop

  • Brand: Ryman
  • Material or Finish: Plastic
  • Product Type: Magnetic
  • A colourful magnetic board perfect for rewarding children’s good behaviour at home, in nurseries or schools.
  • The reward chart helps parents, teachers and children track behavioural choices using the dry wipe pen or star magnets on this wipe-clean magnetic board.
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Magnetic Reward/Star Chart for Motivating Children, Durable Board 40 x 30cm

  • Magnetic Reward/Star Chart for Motivating Children, Durable Board 40 x 30cm
  • Magnetic Wipe Reward Chart Including a Hanging Loop
  • 20 Magnetic "I will.." Strips. For Example, "I Will Tidy my Room"
  • Includes a Handy Wipe Clean Pen to Add Your Own "I will goals"
  • 80 Magnetic Stars in Red, Blue and Yellow
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Homes love Reward Chart / Star chart

  • Ideal for home easy-to-use magnetic backed wipe clean board
  • Magnetic backing for easy appliance to fridge or hanging loop for walls
  • Magnetic 'I can' list suggestions, wipe Clean pen to add further 'I can' categories and insert rewards
  • Includes dry wipe pen and 200+ magnetic stars
  • Can be used for 1-3 children with colour-coded stars
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Magnetic Star Chart

  • Easy-to-use wipe clean magnetic chart
  • Can be used for any activities you want - Includes 18 activity suggestions and 6 blank pieces to write your own
  • Store all the unused stars and activities inside the board for easy access
  • Hangs using the looped cord or can be placed open on a flat surface
  • Excellent way to encourage good behaviour
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First available:27/04/2011

Fiesta Crafts Our Week Magnetic Planner Activity Chart

  • Magnetic planner for the whole family to use and refer to.
  • Change it each day/week to show events
  • Visual reminder of things to do. Magnetic backing to put on the fridge or pin to the wall.
  • Colour-coded for each family member
  • Includes 85 magnetic pieces and wipe clean pen
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Reward / Star Chart Magnetic - Rigid Square 32x32cm with hanging loop ** AMAZON TOP SELLER **

  • Can be used for up to 3 Children
  • 50 stars in 3 colours
  • Size-32 x 32cm
  • Wipe Clean surface and pen included
  • Very high quality made of metal and paper
£14.99 £9.99
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Children's Re-usable Rainbow Chore Reward Chart, 90 Stickers & Wipe Clean Pen, Magnetic option

  • A4 Re-usable Personalised Reward Chart
  • Includes 90 star stickers & re-usable pen
  • Can be made Magnetic at the checkout (ideal for popping on the fridge)
  • Option to personalise with your child's / children's name or anything you like
  • Glossy printed & laminated / wipes clean
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A4 Personalised Weight Loss Chart Reusable Wipe Clean 3 4 5 Stone Pen and Magnet

  • Printed onto A4 90gsm paper
  • Laminated in 250 micron pouches with rounded corners
  • Comes with magnets and pen
  • Choose from 3,4 or 5 stone
  • Choose from a selection of motivational slogans, or send me a new one
Last change:04/01/2020

Tooky Toys TKC446 Wooden Responsibility Chart, Multicolour

  • Colourful responsibility chart with magnets made from high quality wood. Easy to hang. Recommended for ages 3 years and up
  • Helps develop cognitive skills. Encourages lots of responsibilities. Broadens language and math skills
  • Helps children set goals and achieve them. Helps children track progress and share their success. 12 magnetic chores (two blank labels), 25 yellow magnetic stars and 10 blue magnetic stars
£13.99 £10.04
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kids2learn Children's MAGNETIC Rainbow Sticker Chart - A4 Reward Chart & 90 Star Stickers - Encourage good behaviour, household chores, potty training

  • Magnetic Personalised Rainbow Reward Chart
  • Includes 90 Star Reward Stickers
  • Includes a reusable dry wipe pen
  • Your child's name printed at the top!
  • A4 Glossy Printed & Laminated
Last change:23/06/2019

Denny The Dinosaur Personalised Toddlers Reward Chart & Star Stickers, Magnetic option

  • A4 Glossy chart featuring Denny The Dinosaur
  • Includes 90 star stickers & re-usable pen
  • Wipes clean, use fresh set of stars.
  • Magnetic option at the checkout (So it sticks to fridge)
  • Personalised with your child's name at the top
Last change:04/01/2020

kids2learn Personalised Pink Unicorn Sticker Reward Behaviour Chart - Magnetic Option

  • Personalised Girls Reward Chart - Add your child's name at the checkout
  • 90 Star Stickers, A4 Chart and reusable dry wipe pen included
  • Printed on quality glossy stock and laminated
  • MAKE IT MAGNETIC - Add this option at the checkout!
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£12.99 £6.99
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