Playmobil Ambulance

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Playmobil 4221 City Action Emergency Ambulance

  • A game for young children avaialble in different themes.
  • For Ages 4 Years and up.
Last change:11/03/2020

Vintage Playmobil Ambulance set

  • vintage ambulance set
  • with 5 figures and extras
Last change:11/03/2020

Playmobil 5541 City Action Coast Guard Ambulance with Lights and Sound

  • Features flashing lights and siren sounds
  • Sliding door on the side and back doors open to allow access to the medical area
  • Roof can be removed for easy access to the drivers cab
  • Comes with a stretcher for the injured patient
  • Includes two Playmobil medics
Last change:06/03/2020
£60.87 £59.21
Last change:06/03/2020

Playmobil 5395 City Action Passenger Plane

  • For ages 4+
  • Encourages learning from interactive play
  • Spare parts available
£29.99 £56.74
Last change:22/09/2018
First available:24/11/2016

Playmobil 9122 1.2.3 Rescue Ambulance

  • Features an ambulance with opening back doors
  • Patient can be loaded through back door
  • Includes two Playmobil Figures
  • Doctor can sit in the ambulance through opening in the roof
  • Encourages learning through interactive play
£14.99 £13.05
Last change:06/03/2020
£28.99 £26.01
Last change:06/03/2020

Playmobil 6130 Country Large Tractor with Trailer

  • Features functional front loader
  • Includes a trailer to load ready for transport
  • Comes with two large hay bales
  • Includes one Playmobil figure
  • Encourages learning through interactive play
  • Spare parts available
£26.99 £26.38
Last change:08/03/2020

Playmobil 70051 City Life Toy, Colourful

  • Featurers a blue LED light
Last change:06/03/2020
First available:08/02/2019

Playmobil 6671 Summer Fun Summer Camper

  • Outfitted with a kitchenette
  • Features a detachable roof and awning
  • With plenty of storage space for camping furniture
  • Includes a mini bath, toilet and sleeping places
  • Encourages learning through interactive play
  • Spare parts available
£39.99 £31.96
Last change:02/10/2019

Playmobil - 4428 Fire & Rescue

  • Minimum Age: 4 years
  • Product details: Quick, there's a fire ! ...
  • The rescue helicopter has propellers that really turn and the dinghy floats. Includes hoist, stretcher, 4 figures and many accessories.
  • Educational value: Imagine, invent, create~
£47.09 £35.46
Last change:06/03/2020
First available:06/06/2013

Playmobil 9127 Mountain Rescue Helicopter

  • Features a working winch to lower or raise rescuers or injured
  • Rotable rotor blades on the helicopter
  • Cable winch can be installed under the runners at front, rear or sides
  • Includes 3 Playmobil figures
  • Encourages learning through interactive play
£24.99 £19.99
Last change:06/03/2020
First available:03/02/2017

Playmobil 6666 Collectable Medic Keyring

  • Includes 1 Playmobil Keyring
  • Ideal for keeping or finding your keys in a hurry
  • Looks great on a School bag
  • Great pocket money item
  • Encourages learning through interactive play
  • Collect all the different keyrings
£3.49 £3.11
Last change:06/03/2020
Last change:06/03/2020

Playmobil 5428 Mountain Rescue Helicopter

  • It also has a hinged front window for easy access to the cockpit
  • Best
Last change:11/03/2020
Last change:06/03/2020
First available:06/06/2013

Playmobil 5952 Ambulance

  • Exclusive Ambulance of the American market
Last change:06/03/2020

Playmobil 6043 Police Van with Lights and Sound

  • Flashing lights on top with siren sounds
  • Roof is removable for easy access
  • Side and rear doors for the troops to enter the van
3rd Place:
£39.99 £27
Last change:06/03/2020
First available:04/01/2016