Stair safety gates

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BabyDan Multidan Extending Wooden Safety Gate Beech, 60.5-102cm

  • Opening measurements: 60.5 - 102 cm (23.9 inches - 40.1 inches). 73 cm in height
  • Features wide walk-through section and a no-trip bar
  • When fitted, no tools are required to remove the gate for clear passage between the rooms. The gate opens either way and can be operated with one hand
  • Includes stop pins for mounting at the top of stairs
  • Two-way one-handed opening and double locking
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First available:25/02/2013
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BabyDan Super Flexi Fit Extending Metal Safety Gate (White/Silver)

  • Fits openings from 67 to 105.5 cm wide; 74 cm in height
  • Can be fitted inside openings, to the outside of the wall, or diagonally
  • Simple to build and comes with all the fixings. Two-way one-handed opening and locking
  • Includes stop pins for mounting at the top of stairs
  • When mounted outside of door frame the maximum measurement will be about 5 cm less
Last change:10/12/2019
First available:06/04/2012

Safety 1st Wall Fix Extending Wide Safety Metal Gate, Ideal for Kids and Pets, 62 to 102 cm, White

  • Adjustable baby gate: This child safety gate can fit openings from 62 cm to a maximum of 102 cm with no need for extensions
  • Extending panels of Wall Fix gate make installation easy
  • Easy one-handed opening and closing thanks to tilt and lift opening mechanism
  • Wide walk-through section with no step over bar
  • Safety 1st gate with two-way opening
  • Can be used as a pet safety gate as well
£19.99 £18.6
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Bettacare Extra Narrow Stair Gate (61cm - 66.5cm)

  • Auto close mechanism shuts and locks the gate automatically. Height is 76 cm
  • Designed for Extra Narrow Doors & Stairs 61cm - 66.5cm ,Extra narrow width with a wide walk through area of 46 cm
  • Gate can be extended using optional Bettacare extensions, stair spindle kit also available
  • Double locking childproof handle, tamper proof pressure screws that don't work loose over time
  • Patented anti pinch system prevents finger and skin pinches; Depth of gate frame: 2 cm
£32.95 £30.45
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Dreambaby Liberty Safety Gate (Fits 75cm-81cm) White

  • MEASURE YOUR OPENING BEFORE PURCHASING -this gate only fits openings 75 to 81cm. It will not fit any opening smaller than 75cm. If your opening is larger than 81cm you will require an additional purchase of an extension
  • VERSATILE AND DEPENDABLE- Our Dreambaby liberty gate is loaded with features to not only help make your life easier but safer too. Versatile indeed, it can accommodate openings of 75 to 81 cm wide and is 75 cm tall. Using optional extensions sold separately, the gate can be extended up to 279 cm
  • ONE HANDED OPERATION - The one-handed operation is fantastic for times when you're holding your child and the double locking feature ensures extra security to help keep your child safer
  • SMART STAY-OPEN - doing laundry, entertaining guests, making dinner? With the convenience of the stay-open feature, the liberty gate can be made to stay open whenever you choose. Just swing the door in the stay-open position and it will stay wide open till you choose to close it
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Dreambaby liberty gates are pressure-mounted, which means fuss free installation with no screws or drilling required - Great for any home and perfect for temporary or rental properties (included hardware mounts required for stairway use)
  • GREAT FOR PETS- made of strong, high-quality materials it's perfect for even the most eager pets!
£29.99 £23.47
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First available:20/11/2013

Safety 1st Secure Tech Simply Close Metal Gate, White

  • Suitable for children from 6 to 24 months and fits openings from 73 cm to 80 cm
  • U-shaped frame with 4 pressure points provides solid fit and doesn't require drilling. Extra wide opening makes it convenient to walk through. Can be extended up to 136cm with separate extensions (7cm, 14cm, 28cm) (sold separately)
  • Green and red visual safety indicator when gate is closed or open
  • Ease of installation with no drilling necessary
  • Four-point pressure fit gate with SecurTech colour indicators on the handle for easy installation
£25 £22.99
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First available:01/02/2016

Safetots Pressure Fit Self Closing Gate Range

  • Self closing - gate closes slowly behind you
  • Two way opening (widget on bottom bar can be adjusted to set gate opening towards or from user)
  • Height: 75.5cm
  • Conforms to safety standards EN1930: 2011
  • One handed operation
Last change:12/03/2020

iSafe Deluxe Stair Gate 90° Stop Open & Auto-Close StairGate - White 75-85 cm

  • Extendable, Fits Openings: Minimum Width 75cm, Maximum 85 cm, Overall Height from handle 80Cm
  • STOP Open At 90°, Autoclose, Excellent Quality Product!, Tested To Comply With EN1930:2011
  • Extra wide walk through section, Pressure Fit.
  • Double Locking, Assembled And Ready To Use.
  • Fully Extendable 75cm~85cm, Also the following extensions can be purchased separately 10cm / 20cm / 30 cm / 40 cm
£45 £21.95
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BabyDan No Trip Beechwood Safety Gate

  • No Trip Safety Gate made from 100% European beechwood. Opening measurements: 72 - 78,5 cm (28.4" - 30.9").
  • Features NO TRIP Bar so ideal fro tops of stairs and busy doorways
  • Quick to install and features adult operated quick relase wall fittings
  • One handed opening and can open in either direction
  • Meets latest European safety Standard EN1930:2011
£22.99 £24.99
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First available:20/03/2015
Last change:12/03/2020

Venture Q-Fix Extra Tall Pressure Fit Pet Safety Gate | 75-84cm Wide, 110cm Extra Tall | Unique 90° Two Way Open/Stay Door, Auto Close Fuction

  • Expands to fit openings, doorways and hallways 75-84 cm wide; stands 110 cm tall. and is suitable for Larger Pets and Toddlers
  • This tall gate must be fully assembled in opening. See user manual. - **New Unique 90° Two Way Open and Stay Door**
  • Pressure mounted "wall saver" design is easy to set up with no tools requires; Also, includes 4 wall cups for added security
  • One hand open with safety locking feature
  • Great for Children and Pets, Conforms to BS EN1930:2011 safety standards
Last change:12/03/2020

Magic Gate for Dogs, Portable Folding Safe Enclosure Easy Install Anywhere (Baby Safety Fence,Pet Safety Enclosure) -100x75cm

  • Magic Safety Enclosure: Magic Gate works as both an infant gate and a pet gate to providing a safe enclosure to play and rest;
  • Magic Pet Gate is built with tough, partially see-through fiber glass fabric woven to withstand abuse from pets, which designed to endure pets claws;
  • Easy to assembled for immediate use. Ideal to place at anywhere in house from doorways, between walls, stairs, bedroom, kitchen, dining or even way outside. It is also easy to retract when someone needs to pass. Lightweight and portable. When not in use you can easily fold it and store anywhere you want it also takes almost no space.
  • No tools required to set up. This set includes adhesive hook for easy installation and installation guides.
  • For any quality of magic gate.
Last change:07/09/2019

BabyDan Extra Tall Extending Safety Gate, White

  • Fits openings from 63.5 to 107 cm wide; 103,5 in height when mounted.
  • Extra height designed for protecting pets and toddlers
  • Quick-release fittings for removal when not required [ item screws into the wall , The item is quick release leaving just the wall fixing bracket ]
  • Includes stop pins for mounting at the top of stairs
  • Two-way one-handed opening and double locking
£34.99 £34.95
Last change:12/03/2020
First available:19/03/2012

BabyDan Super Flexi Fit Extending Wooden Safety Gate (Beech/Silver)

  • Super Flexible Extending Wooden Safety Gate from BabyDan
  • Danish Design; Made from 100% European Beechwood
  • Super clever gate. The gate will fit inside / outside or Diaganally across the opening thanks to its unique fittings.
  • Simple to build and comes complete with all fixings. Complete with handle and Stop Pins for use at top of stairs
  • When mounted inside a door frame the gate fits openings from 69 to 106.5 cm (27.2 - 41.9 inch) When mounted outside of door frame the maximum measurement will be about 5 cm (2 inch) less
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£34.99 £35.45
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First available:19/03/2012

Dreambaby Liberty Xtra-Wide Hallway Security Gate with Stay-Open Feature - (F920)

  • Fits openings within your home from 99-106cm
  • Double locking function with stay-open option
  • Auto-Close mode for added security in your home
  • Pressure mounted safety gate opens in both directions
  • Provides safety and security within your home
Last change:12/03/2020

Dreambaby Installation Kit (White, 4 Piece)

  • Four tension bolts
  • Four wall caps
  • Four adhesive pads
  • For use with: Dreambaby Liberty, Chelsea and Dawson Gates
£10.99 £10.95
Last change:10/12/2019

Safety 1st Extensions for Pressure Fit Gate - White

  • Extension kit adds an additional 14 cm to the width of the gate
  • Only compatible with Safety 1st metal pressure fit safety gates
  • Ideal for using with gates on wider staircases or door openings
  • Easy to install to extend the width of your gate up to 108 cm
  • Carefully measure the width of the opening before ordering
Last change:12/03/2020

BabyDan Avantgarde True Pressure Fit Safety Gate (Beech/Silver)

  • Fits openings from 71.3 to 77.6 cm wide; 73 cm in height
  • Can be extended up to 117.1 cm with additional extensions (sold separately)
  • Pressure technology means the gate can be fitted without wall cups
  • Features a visible indicator showing when the gate is fitted correctly
  • Two-way one-handed opening and triple locking
£40.99 £38.95
Last change:07/09/2019
First available:06/04/2012

Safetots Chunky Wooden Screw Fit Stair Gate

  • One handed operation
  • Made up of two panels which are self expandable
  • Fits a standard width: 63.5cm - 105.5cm
  • Suitable for children up to 24 months
  • Conforms to Safety Standard EN1970:2011
Last change:12/03/2020

CestMall Children Safety Net Baby Fall Protection Safety Net Durable Weatherproof Adjustable Balcony/Stair Railing Safety Net for Kids Pet Toy Safety, Indoor and Outdoor Stairs Balcony or Patios-White

  • 【Material and Size】- Be made of thick hard mesh weaterproof steel cloth material, firm for use in indoor and ourdoor balcony stairs to keep the baby's safety. Size: L x H=10 x 2.5 FT (300 x 74cm).
  • 【Use Range】- This durable safety net provides a safety play surroundings to children on the railing. Protect the kids, pets or toys safety. See-through mesh allows maximum visibility through the net.
  • 【Easy to Install】- This mesh net fits most railings measuring up to 2.5FT high and 10FT long. Use the plastic strip or the tying rope through the steel cloth holes, and lock in the balcony bar. For shorter railings, simply roll back the net to fit the desired area, or for longer railings, connect two nets together with the provided tying ropes.
  • 【A Must for Children】- Great product for Kids, Todders or Pets. It can effectively prevent children's head, body through to the rail. Also protect toys, shoes from drop down with the air joints balcony or stairs.
  • 【Package Lists】- 1pcs 10 x 2.5FT Safety Net, 10 x Plastic Hanging Straps, 15 x Tying Ropes. Easily attached with the enclosed tie straps.
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Summer Infant Retractable Gate

  • Hardware mounted for added security and use at top of stairs or between rooms (hardware included)
  • 76 cm tall and fits openings up to 127 cm
  • Simple locking mechanism, push down to lock and pull up to unlock
  • Durable mesh fabric with decorative pattern
  • Silver satin finish with charcoal accents
  • Item does not have skirting board fitting adaptors
£59.99 £59.89
Last change:07/09/2019
First available:31/08/2016

Magic Gate For Dogs, Seen-through Mesh Screen Gate Folding stair gate safety gate for baby and pets easily install anywhere with stick hooks 100cm x 75cm

  • Seen-through mesh gate, keep your pet where you want but they can see you and feel you.
  • No nails, no screws, no drill required, no damage to your furniture. Easy to install, remove and store.
  • 43in x 28in / 110cm x 72cm, fits most of door frame. Please note the size of magic gate can not be changed, make sure to measure your door frame before ordering.
  • The adhesive hooks are suitable for smooth solid surface like smooth tile, smooth metal, smooth ceramic, glass, PVC sheet.
  • 1 * net, 2 * retractable rods, 8 * adhesive hooks(4 hooks for spare), 1 * instruction are included in the package. Please always feel free to contact us if there is any issue.
£23.99 £11.29
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Safetots Advanced Retractable Safety Gate Range

  • Roll up door with fixing screws. Wraps completely out when it is not in use easy to assemble (includes connectors and mounting template)
  • No risk of hand
  • Unique every time you go through the door, an advanced locking system - no need to roll completely
  • Fits over narrow openings as well as to the largest up to 120 cm
  • Conforms to safety standards EN1930: 2011
Last change:12/03/2020