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Last updated: 05 Jan 2020, 18:51
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    Dickie Toys Garbage Truck Collector Lorry Toy with Realistic Light and Sound Effects, Orange

    • Children love to imitate what they see around them. Let your child learn about keeping the city clean with one of these toy trucks. While they are having fun, they can take what they have seen and then extend the scenarios using their imagination.
    • The garbage trucks toys made by Dickies are designed to replicate real life. Your child can move the bin up and down on the side of the lorry and then watch the contents tip into the container on its back. When the truck arrives at the dump area, they can open the tailgate and see the rubbish tip out.
    • Dump truck includes flashing lights and sound effects just like those on the vehicles in the streets. Your child will delight in activating these features by the simple press of a button, and people nearby will know that they are fulfilling an important function.
    • Helps children incorporate items in the surrounding environment into their play. Anything lying around that can fit in the bin can become a part of the action with this simple to operate lorry toy. It has freewheels so will roll smoothly on any surface and can be used both inside and outdoors.
    • The garbage truck has been designed to stimulate your child's senses and encourage imaginative play. While they are enjoying themselves with their toys, they will also be improving their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, patience and logical thinking, which will be essential to them as they grow up.

    Dickie Toys - AIR PUMP - CAMIO

    • With air pump function
    • With freewheel mechanism
    • Length: 31 cm

    Dickie Toys City Fire Engine (Multi-Colour)

    • DICKIE TOYS operates just as swiftly, powerfully and flexibly in the worldwide toy market as the car models do
    • Recommended for children from age 3+
    • The brand is one of the market leaders in the remote-controlled vehicles segment

    Dickie Toys 203749017 203749017 203749017 City Liner Tram with Free-Wheel Doors Open, 46 cm, 2 Assorted Colours

    • Toy road train with free run
    • The doors can be opened.
    • Real-inspired interior
    • Length: 46 cm
    • Recommended age: 3 years +
    Dickie Toys 203749017 203749017 203749017 City Liner Tram with Free-Wheel Doors Open, 46 cm, 2 Assorted Colours

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