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    KitchenCraft Living Nostalgia Metal Cleaning Caddy, 33 x 21 x 26 cm - Antique Cream

    • Keep all your cleaning essentials in one handy place with this elegant Antique Cream cleaning caddy
    • Includes a removable tray with three handy compartments; at 33 x 21 x 26 cm, there's plenty of space for brushes, sponges, polish and more
    • Maximise under-sink storage space; rectangular shape and curved corners make it really easy to store away in cramped cupboards
    • Easy to carry round your home with its comfortable swing handle; as a final touch, it's printed with the word Housekeeping
    • Sits beautifully alongside Living Nostalgia's vintage-inspired peg holder and laundry tin; includes a 12 months guarantee

    KitchenCraft Colourworks 2.8 L Collapsible Colander, 24 cm - Purple

    • Ideal for straining, draining and rinsing fruits and vegetables, as well as pasta, noodles and rice
    • Collapsible centre bowl for flat, space saving storage
    • Raised durable nylon base for quick and easy draining with flexible plastic bowl
    • Collapsible bowl is odour and stain resistant and easy to keep clean
    • Complete with a 5 years guarantee
    • Colours may vary from that shown

    KitchenCraft Colourworks 3 Piece Measuring Jug Set - Green

    • Set includes three jugs to a maximum of 200 ml, 400 ml and 900 ml capacities for mixing and measuring a whole range of ingredients
    • Clearly marked with easy to follow cup, fluid ounce (fl oz), millilitre (ml) and pint (p) measures
    • Each jug's shaped handle is finished with a colourful soft grip coating to provide a more comfortable grip
    • Stackable design for practical space saving storage
    • Handy to have a suitable range of jugs for different cooking tasks
    • Colours may vary from that shown

    KitchenCraft 'Classic Stripe' Toughened Glass Worktop Saver, 24 cm (9.5") - Round

    • Marks, spills, scratches - this pretty striped worktop saver protects your kitchen surfaces from damage as you cook and serve
    • It's made of toughened glass, which is heat resistant, so it's great for resting hot pots and pans on
    • It's also stain and odour resistant, so you can cut and serve strong ingredients without transferring tastes to your next dish
    • Great for serving food at the table. It features a blend of soft stripes in muted shades, so it will go beautifully with any décor
    • The worktop protector measures 24 cm (9½") and comes with a 3 year guarantee

    KitchenCraft Colourworks Silicone Spatula, 28 cm - Blue

    • Perfect for multiple cooking tasks, scraping and spreading and much more with a nylon core for ultimate durability
    • Graduated edges and flexible, easy scrape silicone bends with the contours of your bowls, plates and pans to scrape up every last drop
    • Anti-scratch, perfect for use on non-stick surfaces without damage
    • Odour, stain and heat resistant to temperatures as high as 260 degrees Celsius / 500 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Coated with the highest quality European grade food safe silicone (LFGB) - complete with a five year guarantee
    • Graduated edges and flexible, easy scrape silicone bends with the contours of your bowls, plates and pans to scrape up every last drop
    • Odour, stain and heat resistant to temperatures as high as 260 degrees Celsius (500 degrees Fahrenheit)
    • Coated with the highest quality LFGB-grade, food-safe silicone - complete with a 5 year guarantee

    Kitchencraft Living Nostalgia Large Metal Bread Box Bin, Antique Cream

    • Keep your bread loaves and rolls fresh for longer in this delightful vintage-style steel bread bin
    • It has an Antique Cream powder-coated finish that goes with any décor and is printed with the word Bread in a classic font
    • Lightweight and durable design for easy carrying; with an easy-open handle so you can get to your baked bread in an instant
    • Generous capacity at 34 x 21.5 x 25 cm (13½ x 8½ x 10 inches), there's enough room for a full family-sized loaf
    • Also available in French Grey and Vintage Blue; with a 12 months guarantee

    KitchenCraft Classic Collection Vintage-Style Ceramic Tankard Mugs, 350 ml (Set of 4)

    • Nothing's better than a freshly brewed cuppa. Enjoy sipping yours from one of these beautiful cream tankard-style mugs
    • The perfect match for other Classic Collection pieces. They're finished with the same soft stripes and go beautifully with any decor
    • Made of durable ceramic, which makes them the perfect choice for a daily cuppa
    • Dishwasher safe and microwave safe. This means you can use them to make milky coffees, or reheat drinks that have gone cool
    • Perfect for gifting, these china mugs come with a 12 month guarantee. You get 4 in the set

    KitchenCraft Ceramic Baking Beans for Pastry, 500 g (1 lb)

    • Love blind baking crusty pies, flans and tarts but hate it when the pastry goes rogue and does its own thing while it's in the oven?
    • Wave goodbye to bubbly bottoms and shrinking sides and say hello to ceramic baking beans! A total game changer for fans of blind baking
    • Simply cover your pastry with baking paper, pour the beans on top and pop in the oven to support the bake and to distribute heat evenly
    • Don't worry about searching for scattered beans next time you're baking. Give them a wash and pop them back in the handy storage pot
    • Each set of ceramic baking beans weighs roughly 500 g (1 lb), and comes with a 12 month guarantee

    KitchenCraft Industrial Kitchen Vintage-Style Metal Condiment Holder with Wooden Handle, 23 x 15.5 x 28 cm (9" x 6" x 11")

    • Transport condiments from the kitchen to your table with ease, using this metal condiment caddy, from the Industrial Kitchen collection
    • The distressed galvanised steel frame is the height of industrial chic. A robust wooden base and comfortable handle complete the look
    • The large capacity basket-style design has room for all of your favourite condiments, including bottled sauce, salt, pepper and vinegar
    • Use it for any occasion, to keep guests happy and tables clean. It's great for dinner parties, BBQs, family meals and even restaurants
    • Designed in the UK by KitchenCraft, the sauce holder measures 23 x 15.5 x 28 cm (9" x 6" x 11"), and comes with a 12 month guarantee

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