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    Leifheit Clean and Away Dusting Mop with Click System Handle, Plastic, Turquoise

    • For easy and quick floor dusting
    • Static disposable cloths attract and hold dust
    • Swivel handle for steering around furniture
    • Can be used with micro fibre cloths for damp wiping / cleaning
    • Part of Click System; handle can be easily removed and fitted to other Leifheit Click System cleaning accessories. 3 year guarantee

    Leifheit S241523 Telescopic Aluminium Handle Click System, 145-400 cm

    • Extendable telescopic handle with Easy-Click function
    • Enables the use of different cleaning devices
    • Ideal for outside and inside
    • Lightweight aluminium

    Leifheit Magneto Static Disposable Dry Cloths for The Clean and Away Mop, Multi-Colour, small

    • Disposable dry dust cloths for efficient dry cleaning of tiles, vinyl and wood floors
    • Magnetic-type anti-static wipes, to pick up and hold onto dirt and dust as well as pet hair
    • Complementary dust cloths for use with the Leifheit clean & AWAY floor mop, as well as suitable for use with all floor wipers with a minimum width of 26 cm
    • Anti-static cloth x 32 in a pack, L 22 x W 29 cm

    Leifheit Clean and Away Dry Dusting Mop

    • For easy and quick floor dusting in between in-depth cleaning
    • Static cloths are fastened with a few simple clips, they attract dust and hold it like a magnet
    • Swivel handle for steering mop, and lies flat for going under furniture
    • Generic disposable cloths available; can be used with micro fibre cloths for damp wiping / cleaning
    • Comes with a 3-year guarantee

    Leifheit LinoPop-Up 140 Pedestal Clothes Dryer

    • Comfortable one-handed operation for quick and easy opening and closing
    • Handy, compact and lightweight: ideal for home, camping and caravanning
    • Space-saving storage because the standing clothes dryer is only 12 cm narrow.
    • Weighing only 3.6 kg, it is easy to carry and assemble
    • 14 metre length of linen offers space for more than one washing machine filling in the smallest space

    Leifheit Picobello S Mop Replacement Pad - Micro Duo, 27 cm

    • Replacement wiper pad for the Leifheit Picobello S Floor Mop
    • 27 cm wiping width
    • Attaches with hook and loop fastening to mop base
    • Micro Duo pad, made with microfibres and protruding bristles
    • Quick and extremely absorbent, powerful cleaning for smooth floors

    Leifheit Clean Twist Disc Mop and Bucket Set with Rolling Cart

    • The new generation of spin mop with patented rotation mechanism in the handle for convenience and ease of mop wringing
    • Water and dirt are spun out of the mop as it spins in the bucket -the more spins, the less moist
    • Long handle extends and locks at a convenient height
    • Includes trolley cart for bucket - convenient when cleaning larger areas - no carrying heavy bucket around
    • Complete cleaning set, including mop with spin-wring mechanism. With 3 year guarantee

    Leifheit Wall and Cobweb Broom

    • Special shape for efficient cleaning of corners
    • Lockable joint for different cleaning angles
    • Thanks to its practical triangular shape, it marries every angle. With telescopic handle (110 to 190 cm). The joint can be locked for different cleaning angles. Ideal for dusting beams, high ceilings and stairs.
    • Open hook shape to dust behind curtain rails

    Leifheit Telegant Wall Dryer and Towel Rail, 81 Protect Plus, 100 cm

    • Neat wall mounted airer for kitchen, utlility or bathroom
    • 8 pull-out steel rails with total drying length 8.10 m and aluminium towel rail
    • Rails remain clean and concealed when pushed in and arms close
    • Space saving and compact dryer, dimentions (W x D) : 103 x 53 cm
    • 3 years guarantee
    • Space-saving wall-mounted dryer for the bathroom or balcony
    • Completely hidden away, its total of five rails offer 8.10 m of drying length, offering lots of space
    • Also with a useful 90 cm wide aluminium bar for hanging handtowels

    Leifheit Profi Micro Duo Wiper Cover, White/Blue

    • Profi mop replacement head
    • Micro fibres remove the most stubborn of floor stains and absorb grease and dirt
    • Mirco fibres retain dust and dirt and release when immersed in water
    • Ideal for wet floor cleaning such as stone and tile floors
    • Washable at 60 Degree Celsius

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