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    Pristine Free Standing Toilet Roll Holder Stand- Stylish Chrome Finish, Practical Design

    • NEAT SPACE SAVING DESIGN WITH BUILT IN STORAGE- Holds upto 5 toilet rolls (1 in use and 4 in storage)
    • EASY INSTALLATION - No drilling, no mess, no glue, no damage to walls.
    • SUPER STURDY - Weighted base to prevent toppling. The raised base helps keep the rolls dry from spills on the floor.
    • ELEGANT - Stylish Chrome finish works well with any bathroom design
    • DIMENSIONS - Height 55cm - Base Width 19cm

    Pristine Moth Repellent Storage Bags - Anti Moth, Anti Mould, Anti Dust (Large (60x48x35))

    • LARGE CAPACITY CLOTHES STORAGE BAG - (60cm x 48cm x 35cm) - Perfect for clothing and fabric storage. Combining both an hard wearing outer shell of non-woven fabric these clothes bags are lined with Tyvek by Dupont an ingenious material which makes these clothes storage bags moth proof. Tyvek is used by conservators to protect museum quality clothing collections. It's tough and durable, PH neutral, non-abrasive and does not leave lint.
    • ANTI MOTH PROTECTION - If you're looking for moth proof storage bags these are ideal. Providing a double barrier to entry with both the outer shell and the hard wearing Tyvek lining, they are breathable and prevent moths, dust and mould.
    • MOULD & DUST PROTECTION - Tyvek allows air to pass through but acts as an excellent barrier to fine particles and fibres. This makes then the perfect antimicrobial barrier to prevent dust and the spores that allow the growth of fungi and bacteria.
    • PERFECT FOR OUT OF SEASON CLOTHES STORAGE - Hard wearing and durable. Perfect for clothing storage - protect your cashmere, wool, pashmina and other fabrics with these anti moth storage bags.
    • EASY ACCESS, FOLD FLAT DURING STORAGE & QUALITY ZIPS - The bags zip up across the top of the bag allowing easy access from above. Far easier access than small plastic storage bags. The bags fold flat when not in use, taking up minimal space. Heavy duty rubber zipper pullers, won't break like brittle metal zip heads for long term use.

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