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    Smoby Kids Playhouse on Stilts with Slide | Strong and Durable Wendy House, Suitable for Outdoor and Garden Use

    • For those who have always dreamed of a tree house, but don't have the tree... This house on stilts is the perfect alternative. With a 70cm platform giving access to the playhouse and the 1.5cm slide your child will enjoy all the excitement of playing up in the air.
    • The house has many fun and decorative features. It has a half door, two windows with louvered shutters, 1 porthole window and 2 sliding shutters. Decorated with animals on the walls, e.g. cats and birds, this playhouse will not only be fun, but also a pretty addition to your garden.
    • Consisting of blow moulded side walls and injected facades, the structure is very strong and stable. Whilst your child plays pretend in the house or whizzes down the slide, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the playhouse is both super fun and super safe.
    • The playhouse is suitable from age 2 onwards, with a maximum user weight of 50kg. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is ideal for encouraging active and imaginative play. Why not add an electronic doorbell (not included) to increase the realism of their play?
    • Manufactured in France, the playhouse comes with a 1-year guarantee. Smoby is a high-quality, well-established German toy brand. The plastic is anti-UV treated, which means the colour will last longer and you can enjoy this beautiful playhouse for years to come.

    Smoby Playhouse Nature II House Outside Summer Kitchen with Cooking Accessories for Children, Green

    • Bring originality to your garden with the ii Nature House with Smoby Kitchen
    • This toy house is perfect for indoor and outdoor use due to its size and strength.
    • The natural house with kitchen comes equipped with 2 sliding windows, an open window on the back, an outside kitchen and a door on the front face; discover all the decorative details on the walls of the house (cats, butterflies, plants, ).
    • All plastic parts have been treated with the anti-UV system which guarantees greater strength and durability of the house outdoors.
    • Quality nf and g stamps; Dimensions: 110 x 145 x 127 cm (W x D x H); this garden cottage is ideal for boys and girls from 24 months of age

    Smoby 310262 Medium Garden Slide, Indoor & Outdoor | Weatherproof, 159 X 68 X 100

    • Garden slides for children are always well-received. Your kids will have hours of fun with this brightly-coloured Smoby slide. The steps are small enough that young children will quickly be climbing them with confidence, and the design of the slide itself allows them to achieve some speed before it flattens off to give them a gentle landing.
    • The slide has a hose attachment so that on hot summer days you can turn it into a water slide to delight your children yet further. Because it is made from plastics, you can even put the end of the slide into a paddling pool to create a flume effect as they reach the bottom.
    • It has a sturdy frame, and ergonomic handrails and steps that are designed so that your child does not lose their grip or slip. The gradient flattens at the bottom, which means kids slide off smoothly. The blowmoulded plastic design means there are no sharp corners or edges.
    • This medium-sized slide is one of the most popular products made by Smoby. It is also one of the best selling slides for kids on and it comes highly recommended. Nearly nine out of every ten reviewers on the site have awarded it 4 or 5 stars.
    • Easy to assemble and dismantle for compact storage. Made from durable PVC that has been treated to protect it from sunlight so that the colours remain bright. If the sun isn't out, it is light enough that it can easily be moved to become an indoor slide.

    Smoby 360702 Black & Decker Kids Work Bench and Tools | Amazing Complete Workbench Including Electronic Drill, Saw, and Accessories | Ages 3+

    • The little handyman is your house will not believe their eyes when they see this amazing workbench and all its varied functions! Kids love to hammer, saw and drill, and this set comes with an electronic drill and mechanical saw.
    • Their imagination will run wild as they use the amazing accessories including 7 tools (saw, hammer, spanner, screwdriver, pliers, elbow spanner, bench vice), plus mechanical drill, screws, nuts, nails, rulers, pushing nail function and more. Electronic sounds will make them feel like a professional!
    • A free app is available to download on IOS and Android to help your child to learn to use the different tools and what they can make with them. Kids will just love organizing their tools into handy storage areas.
    • Kids tools set will help your child to improve their motor skills and coordination as they use all the various tools. You will love watching them immerse themselves in imaginary roleplay, this amazingly detailed workbench will make them feel like a pro!
    • Item Weight is 4.1 Kg. Product Dimensions are 79 x 34 x 103 cm.Batteries: 1CR2032 battery included.Manufacturer recommended age: 4 years and upFor children aged 3 years and over. Made in France.Free app available to instruct kids on tool use.

    Smoby 2-in-1 Reversible Micro Scooter for Kids to Ride On, Blue

    • Give toddlers their first taste of independence as they discover the joy of wheels! Stable, well-engineered design helps kids blossom in confidence as they develop balance, coordination and motor skills. Your child will enjoy hours of play and never get bored as they can switch from a bike to a scooter. Adjustable handlebars mean it will grow as they do.
    • A timeless toy that adapts to grow alongside your child's age and development. The first mode for younger kids means that toddlers can use it as a ride-along 3 wheel learning bike at first and then they can move up to the 3 wheels scooter as they grow and gain more confidence. Easy to switch between both modes, no tools needed.
    • The two main benefits of this timeless toy are that it gives young kids confidence and independence from an early age. It is the perfect kids scooter for tots aged 18 months through to toddlers age 3 - they will develop coordination, balance and steering skills while enjoying switching between the bike and scooter mode. Scooters for girls available in pink.
    • The micro scooter has an adjustable handlebar with two positions (53 and 63cm) allowing your child to set the correct, most comfortable height for them. This ability to adjust the height means the scooter will grow with your child ensuring you get the most use from it.
    • The metal frame handlebar offers 2 different positions (53/63 cm) covered by 2 plastic parts. Convenient, non-bulky size that is easy to carry - dimensions are (H x w x L) 53 x 30 x 60 cm. Silent wheels make it a pleasant experience to use. The perfect scooters for boys to have fun with on the school run.

    Smoby Kids Playhouse and Kitchen | Quick & Easy to Assemble Wendy House, Made from Durable & Weatherproof Anti-Uv Plastic

    • Spacious, outdoor Smoby Wendy house with multiple spaces for fun and games! Play spaces include the main playhouse, kitchen, breakfast bar, and even a secret passageway ensuring once your children get inside they won't want to leave in a hurry! Help create the memories to give your children the best childhood they can possibly have!
    • This playhouse for kids has 6 windows, 2 shutters, removable picnic area, 1 table, outside bench and an inside bench. There is even an electronic doorbell so your children will know when their friends have arrived! 2 flower pots are at the front of the house to give it a homely feel. The kitchen consists of a grill and sink.
    • Also includes some extra accessories 2 glasses, 2 plates, cutlery, 1 stew pot and 2 sausages. Perfect for giving your kids some help to spark their imagination into cooking some tasty culinary delights! Plenty of extra little touches to add detail such as stone and wood imitation on the playhouse walls.
    • Very quick and easy to assemble kids playhouse and once it is assembled expect it to last a long, long time. Due to the products durability and tough construction the playhouse should be suitable to be stored outside in the garden all year round.
    • Made in France from durable and weatherproof anti-UV plastic. Previous purchasers have remarked on the solidity of the playhouse and the years of use they have had from the product and expect to have in the future, making it the perfect investment!

    Smoby Wendy House and Playhouse for Kids | Colorful Kids Playhouses for Garden | Easy to Assemble | Made from Durable & Weatherproof anti-UV Plastic | For ages 2+ years

    • Playing house is one of the greatest joys for young kids and this stylish playhouse will keep your child entertained for hours This beautiful, modern playhouse is the perfect place for your child to let their imaginations run free. The half door open and close easily, while 2 shutters can be closed for privacy.
    • Can be used indoors or outdoors, this playhouse is made from anti-UV treated plastic ensuring the colours won't fade and it will last for years. Easy to clean and made of rounded edges and corners that are suitable for small children. The bright and colourful design features moulded animals and plants on the walls.
    • Suitable for any size garden, this beautiful Wendy house will encourage your child to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air with their friends as they play inside it. Children's play houses are a fantastic way to encourage children to engage in immersive, imaginative play. Your child can enjoy a space of their own to role-play and create imaginary worlds.
    • Clever design with fun sliding shutter and louvered shutter design. Bright and airy inside with half-door and cut-out holes to allow air and light to circulate. Get set for a magical adventure with this play house for kids. The playtime possibilities of this playhouse for kids are endless as they enjoy activities like peek-a-boo, tower rescues and imaginative kitchen role-play.
    • Dimensions: 98 x 110 x 127cm. For ages 2 and up. Weight: 12. 9kg. This Smoby kids playhouses for garden includes 1 half door, 2 windows and louvered shutters that slide across. The durable structure is anti-UV treated to protect from colour fade. Stable and sturdy kids playhouse with a pretty design.

    Smoby Kids Garden Slide (Extra-Large) 2.30m with Hose Attachment and Double Wave Chute, Constructed from Durable Anti-Uv Treated Plastic

    • Check out this fantastic Smoby XL Slide! This garden slide truly lives up to its XL name with a length of 2.30 metres. The slide is easy to dismantle for winter storage. Fantastic for encouraging kids to play outside, explore, build their confidence, but most of all a fun, fun, fun!!
    • The slide is manufactured in France, in the heart of the Jura region, under the guidance of master craftsmen. The Smoby XL slide is constructed from the highest quality materials, including anti-UV treated plastic which means that the colours do not fade and maximum durability is ensured.
    • The Smoby XL comes equipped with some exciting features, including a hose attachment which feeds an all new double wave chute. You can now create a fun water slide with cascading water in the comfort of your own garden. Liven up your child's summer playtimes!
    • Your child's safety is at the heart of Smoby's design. They have included an extra wide base which offers hugely increased stability. An ergonomically designed ladder handle, accompanies non-skid steps, to reduce the risk of any accidents. Trust Smoby to have all your safety features covered.
    • The Smoby XL Slide is designed for children aged 3 and up. Assembly is quick, easy and straightforward, it needs to be assembled by an adult, but you will have the slide up in no time at all. The slide should be used under direct adult supervision.

    Smoby Outdoor Equipment Adventure Car, Removable Sandpit with Lid and a 1.5m Slide for Imaginative, Sensory and Active Play, Colourful

    • Bring the playground to your very own back garden with this 3-in-1 Outdoor Adventure Playset designed to encourage active and imaginative play. No need to go to the park, as your child can discover and learn as they explore the car, the sand and the slide in the comfort of your own back garden.
    • Take your child on a journey of discovery as they enter the Adventure Car via one of the two functional doors. What will they discover first? The driving post with wheel, the key that turns or the electronic horn? Beep-beep: Here we come!
    • Oh No! Broken down? Lift the bonnet to investigate and you will discover a sandpit for sensory and imaginative play. Whilst your child enjoys the sand, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that with the built-in lid (bonnet) the sand will remain clean. And when you are ready to empty it, the box is easy to remove.
    • The Adventure Car becomes a play tunnel. Watch your little ones explore as they climb through the rear tyres and under the slide, before using the ergonomic ladder and non-skid steps to safely slide down the slide which is 1.5m long.
    • The Smoby adventure car is strong and durable; made from a mixture of blow moulded and injected plastic parts. The plastic is treated with an anti-UV treatment to reduce colour fade, so that you can enjoy this product for years to come. Manufactured in France, the Adventure Car comes with a 1-year guarantee.

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