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    Vileda Turbo Microfibre Mop and Bucket Set, Plastic, Grey/Red, 48.5 x 27.5 x 28 cm

    • Mop and bucket set with foot pedal operated wringer for more efficient floor cleaning
    • The foot pedal allows you to control the amount of water in the microfiber mop, depending on the type of floor you need to clean
    • Easy carry handle for ideal balance
    • Integrated front spout makes the bucket easier to empty
    • Telescopic handle extends from 55 - 130 cm
    • Machine washable

    Vileda 1-2 Spray Microfibre Flat Spray Mop with Extra Microfibre Refill Pad, Red

    • Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop with spare Microfibre head
    • Trigger spray gives a fine spray of cleaning solution to the floor in front of the mop head
    • Flat mop head ideal for larger floors and also pivots to reach right under furniture
    • Microfibre pad combines with Powerzone head for a superior cleaning performance
    • Suitable for use on all hard floor surfaces, but ideal for wood and laminate due to the moisture control of the fine spray

    Vileda 1-2 Spray Floor Cleaning Liquid, 750 ml,Transparent,Pack of 2

    • Pack of two bottles of Vileda 1-2 spray floor cleaning liquid
    • Ready to use floor cleaning liquid for use with the Vileda 1-2 spray Microfiber mop
    • Suitable for use on hard floors including vinyl, parquet and laminate
    • Streak free cleaning
    • Fresh scent
    • Dosage recommendation : The 1-2 spray Active cleaner is a ready to use cleaning liquid, please don´t mix with water

    Vileda Steam Mop (UK Version) , Removes 99.9% of Bacteria without Cleaning Chemicals

    • The quick and easy way to hygienically clean your floors heats up in only 15 seconds
    • Kills 99.9 Percentage of bacteria on your floor without the need for any cleaning chemicals
    • Also includes carpet glider for refreshing carpets. Includes two microfibre pads and a filling jug
    • Suitable for use on all sealed hard floor types such as tiles, vinyl, wood and laminate
    • Manufacturers two year guarantee

    Vileda SuperMocio 3Action XL Mop and Bucket Set, Red/Blue

    • Complete mop and bucket kit containing a SuperMocio three action XL mop head, three piece handle and SuperMocio bucket and torsion wringer
    • The mop includes three main cleaning actions: Red non-scratch scourer for stubborn dirt, blue microfiber strips for removing greasy residue, 3D red dots for extra hair and particle pick up
    • Now XL for 25% extra floor contact, making cleaning more efficient, with torsion power the unique wringer twists and squeezes the mop head with less effort; floors dry faster
    • Bucket capacity 10 L, with pouring lip, tipping hand hold underneath and a durable metal handle with comfort grip
    • Replacement mop heads available to purchase separately

    Vileda Turbo 2-in-1 Microfibre Mop Refill Head, Microfibre, Red, Pack of 2

    • Replacement 2-in-1 microfiber mop heads for the vileda easy wring and clean turbo
    • White microfiber yarns are highly absorbent and will also clean greasy dirt
    • Red fibres pick up 20 percent more particles than standard microfiber yarns
    • Suitable for all hard floor types, including wood and laminate
    • Mop head is easy to change - simply pull on the mop strands to unclip the head and replace by pressing into the red frame until you hear it click

    Vileda DuActiva 2-in-1 Anti-Dust Broom Plus Dustpan Set

    • DuActiva broom with extending telescopic handle (75 cm-130 cm) and 2-in-1 Dustpan Set.
    • DuActiva broom gathers dirt and dust in just one sweep - without raising dust; suitable for all indoor hard floors.
    • DuActiva broom combines foam on one side and fine bristles on the other for improved cleaning.
    • Ergonomically designed dustpan and brush set.
    • Rubber lip on front of dustpan helps remove up all the dust in one go .

    Vileda SuperMocio 3Action XL Refill, Twin Pack

    • Pack of two mop refills for the Vileda supermocio mop
    • Specially developed head with three cleaning actions to make your life easier
    • The red spot eraser helps remove stubborn dirt, the blue microfiber strips clean up greasy marks and the 3D red spots pick up more hair and dirt particles
    • Lemon shaped head for better corner cleaning
    • The head can be easily removed for either washing (at up to 60 degrees celsius) or replacement

    Vileda UltraMax Flat Mop and Bucket Set, Red, Multi-Colour

    • Complete Ultramax system set - contains mop head with microfiber pad, handle, bucket and wringer
    • The Power zone area on the mop head increases the pressure on stubborn stains to take the effort out of cleaning
    • Spout for pouring out dirty water without splashing
    • Specially designed bucket and wringer ensures optimum humidity of mop head for use on wood or laminate floors
    • Refill pads available separately - these can be machine washed at up to 60 degrees Celsius

    Vileda Magic Mop 3Action Refill, Blue, Pack of 2

    • Pack of two replacement heads for the Vileda magic mop three action
    • Absorbent sponge head with 50% improved hair and particle pick up
    • White scouring edge helps to remove stubborn dirt
    • Easy to fit on to mop handle using screw fitting, Suitable for use with Vileda magic mop three action, also fits older style Vileda magic mop
    • Any issues related to this product Please reach out to Vileda in-house customer helpline experts on 0345 769 7356

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