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    YOYUSH Dachshund Dog Shaped Silicone Ice Cube Tray,Orange, Use for Kids with Candy Pudding Jelly Milk Juice Chocolate Mold or Cocktails Whiskey Particles

    • THE PRODUCTION OF ICE CUBES:The mold is used to solidify ice cubes,and the shape of the nine puppies makes it easy to make individualized ice cubes.
    • MATERIAL:This mold is made of food grade silicone,safe and non-toxic.Elastic silica gel,which is not easy to tear,can be used repeatedly and is very durable.At the same time,it is easy to clean after the mold is used up,and saving you time.
    • WIDE RANGE OF USES:In addition to making ice cubes,molds can also be used to make chocolate,cakes,ice cream,biscuits,etc.Silicone molds for a variety of uses are available for your convenience.
    • Applications: The mold is suitable for ovens, refrigerators, etc.The applicable temperature range is between minus 40 and 230 degrees.
    • Product packaging: An orange silicone mold with a size of 22cm x 16cm x 1.5cm and a dropper that allows you to inject liquid that needs to be solidified when using the mold.

    YOYUSH 3 Pairs Soft Silicone Waterproof Ear Plugs,Shapeable & Reusable, for Swimming & Sleeping & Focus on learning and Working

    • MATERIAL:The earplugs are made of soft silicone mud,which is slightly sticky,not easy to fall off when worn,and its softness makes it more comfortable to wear and can be extruded into any shape.
    • MAIN FUNCTION:When you are swimming or bathing,use this earplug to protect your ears from water and bacteria.
    • OTHER USES:This product can be used as a noise reduction earplug to reduce the noise interference in the surrounding environment,allowing you to fall asleep or learn in a quieter environment,to improve your sleep quality or learning efficiency.
    • SUITABLE FOR THE CROWD:The plasticity of this earplug makes it easier to squeeze into a suitable size and shape and can adapt to a variety of different ear sizes and structures.Therefore,it is suitable for adult and children.
    • PRODUCT CONTENT:6 pairs of blue silicone earplugs,equipped with a plastic storage box,and the total weight is 25g.

    Magnetic Headphone Cable Clips, Adjustable, Reusable and Multipurpose Silicone Cable Organisers Winder, for Headphone Cable Lines, USB Cables (5 Pack)

    • CABLE MANAGEMENT:Wrap your earphone cable,data cable or other small wires and store them to avoid cable confusion or knotting.No need to worry about chaotic cables and extend the life of your cables.
    • EXCELLENT MATERIAL:A headset-type winder made of high-quality soft silicone,with built-in magnets on both ends,soft material,good elasticity,not easy to break and easy to clamp with magnetic force.It is durable and allows you to repeat cable winding.
    • VERSATILE USE:This product can be used not only as a tool holder for storing a variety of cables, but also for the placement of other small items such as magnetic fixing buckles, keychain fixings, and bookmarks to make your lifestyle more convenient.
    • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT:Small size,great use,easy to carry.It is suitable for use in homes, work and other places as well as travel.
    • PERFECT MATCH:Five suits to meet your everyday needs,five different colors make you more like it.

    2 Pairs No Tie shoe Laces for Kids and Adults, Outdoor Sports Elastic Trainer Reflective Stretch Casual Shoelaces (Black And White)

    • OMIT THE TIE:Shoes bundled with this elastic shoelace can eliminate the need to tie your shoelaces.As long as the shoelace is installed,it will save you time to tie the shoelace.You don't have to worry about loosening the shoelace and lifting the trip quality.
    • LACE MATERIAL:The laces are made of PVC and Nylon materials,all environmentally friendly materials.They are healthy and environmentally friendly.The 20mm spring is reinforced with round spring buckles,and the buckles are more stable.Elastic latex is used to ensure the tension and tightness of the laces.Premium materials increase the durability of your laces for reuse.
    • THE OPERATION IS SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT:After placing the shoelace on the shoe,pass it through the spring clip,adjust the length to cut,and then install the tail clip for normal use.In your daily life,you only need to tighten your shoelaces with your shoelaces.A spring button makes it easy to tighten the laces.
    • BEAUTIFUL AND PRACTICAL:The lace design is stylish,with a 1mm high double reflective strip on the surface,which makes the appearance of the shoelace even more stunning.The reflective strip can ensure the safety of night sports travel.At the same time,this shoelace is suitable for sports shoes,casual shoes and other shoes that require laces.
    • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:Lace length is 120cm,a pair of lace packaging contains 2 laces,2 spring buckles and 2 tail clips.The weight of a pair of lace is 30g.

    YOYUSH Resistance Bands, Exercise Loop Bands With Contains 5 Different Resistance Levels, Skin-Friendly Natural Latex Tension Band,Ideal for Home, Gym, Yoga, Training, Sea Beach

    • AUXILIARY TRAINING:This resistance band is suitable for fitness people and can use this product to exercise arms,legs,etc.Exercise can increase muscle strength and is suitable for your daily training or rehabilitation after injury.
    • DURABLE MATERIAL:The resistance band is made of natural latex,which is strong and not easy to break,and is very durable.The colour is bright and smooth,giving you a comfortable experience.
    • FIVE DIFFERENT RESISTANCE LEVELS:This resistance group contains 5 different resistance bands.Different resistance levels are available depending on your needs.You can choose the appropriate resistance band to train according to the actual situation,or you can customize the reinforcement plan according to the actual situation to carry out slow and deep training.
    • USE IT ANYTIME,ANYWHERE:The resistance band is small and light,so you can carry it.Suitable for indoor and outdoor occasions such as family,gym,outdoor yoga.It is also a good choice for most fitness enthusiasts and yoga enthusiasts in their daily training.
    • RESISTANCE BAND SET:Five resistance bands with different tensions in different colours.Each colour represents a level of resistance.The resistance band has a circumference of 60 cm and a width of 5 cm.
    YOYUSH Resistance Bands, Exercise Loop Bands With Contains 5 Different Resistance Levels, Skin-Friendly Natural Latex Tension Band,Ideal for Home, Gym, Yoga, Training, Sea Beach

    YOYUSH Cable Tidy Clips, Durable Multipurpose Cable Holders for A Variety of Desktop Cable, Mobile Phones, laptops, Computers, 9Pcs

    • NEAT CABLE MANAGER:The Cable Holder keeps the desktop wires clean and tidy,and can be secured anywhere you want to secure it.A neat desktop with clean cables makes you feel comfortable and no longer worry about confusion.
    • FIRM AND DURABLE:This product is made of rubber,has good elasticity and wear resistance,and the bottom is made of foam mucilage pad which is firm and durable.These extend the life of the product,so there is no need to change the fixture frequently.
    • EASY TO USE:The bottom glue film can be removed before use to fix it in any position,and the bottom mucilage pad is not easy to leave residue when disassembling,which is relaxing for your installation and removal.
    • MULTI-PURPOSE USE:This cable hodler is suitable for various cable lines,such as power lines,data lines and headphone cables.It can also be used for the placement of various small items such as toothbrushes,pens,etc.It will provide a lot of convenience for your life.
    • PRODUCT SET:9 pcs single hole cable holder have three colours in total,and three in each colour.The three colours are black, white and brown.Size: 2.8cm*2.8cm*1.6cm.

    Portable Silicone Water Bottle Buckle,Convenient Carrying Drink Clip Hook Holder with D-Ring Hook for Outdoor Camping Hiking Traveling 5Pcs

    • ADVANCED MATERIAL:6 cm aluminum carabiner is durable with nylon webbing to connect the highly elastic silicone ring and has a key ring for small items such as small whistle.
    • ADVANTAGES:The silicone water bottle buckle has good elasticity and can be used for water bottles with larger bottlenecks and is not limited by the water bottle material.It is suitable for plastic bottles and glass bottles,etc.
    • OUTDOOR PRACTICAL WATER BOTTLE BUCKLE:Using this water bottle buckle to let you release your hands when you are involved in outdoor activities.You don't need to hold a kettle for outdoor activities.You can hang the kettle in a backpack or bicycle.
    • FREE HANGING:With this water bottle buckle,you can hang the water bottle in a travel bag,shoulder bag,waist bag,belt,bicycle,motorcycle and other hanging objects,which is very suitable for outdoor travel,hiking,adventure and other outdoor sports.
    • A SET OF FIVE:Each set contains 5 water bottle buckles in five colours:red,green,blue,orange and black.
    Portable Silicone Water Bottle Buckle,Convenient Carrying Drink Clip Hook Holder with D-Ring Hook for Outdoor Camping Hiking Traveling 5Pcs

    YOYUSH 14 pcs High Quality Multicolor Aluminum Crochet Hooks 2-10mm

    • WEAVING ESSENTIAL:This set of 14 different sizes of crochet is suitable for weaving a wide range of clothing,such as sweaters,laces,decorative items and auxiliary woven fabrics,to make your woven clothing more diverse.
    • HIGH QUALITY:The crochet made of aluminum,which is light weight,is very light to use and anti-oxidation makes it more durable.At the same time,the color appearance makes the crochet more vivid,so you can use this crochet for knitting.
    • SHAPE DESIGN:The surface of the crochet is smooth and the handle is polished.it is comfortable to use and it is not easy to slide down.Not feeling uncomfortable for a long time and suitable for all kinds of people.
    • AVAILABLE IN A VARIETY OF SIZES:The product is available in 14 sizes from 2mm to 10mm,and the crochet is clearly dimensioned for easy identification and is suitable for weavers of all skill levels.
    • SPECIFIC CONTENT:14 crochet suits,each crochet length is about 15 cm and comes with a pair of scissors for the thread trimmer.

    YOYUSH Waffle Baking Mould Muffin Mould, Bundt Pan, High Quality Red Non-Stick Silicone Baking Tool

    • FUNCTIONAL USE:The tool for making waffles,five continuous love shapes,clear patterns,can help you to bake a beautiful shape of waffles.In addition,the mold can also be used to bake muffins,biscuits and other western-style cakes.
    • EXCELLENT MATERIAL:It is made of food grade silicone and is suitable for baking cakes.Soft and elastic,it is not easy to tear,which greatly prolongs the service life of the mold and helps you to repeatedly bake pastries.
    • SCOPE OF APPLICATION:This mold is suitable for microwave ovens,ovens,etc.It is best not to exceed 180 degrees,which is very suitable for the baking needs of the public family.
    • CONVENIENT CLEANING:The finished waffle non-stick mold is easy to remove,and it is very easy to clean after use,which can save your cleaning time.
    • MOLD SIZE:The mold size is 18.5cm x 18.5cm x 1.5cm,the weight is 67g and the colour is red.

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