Noah's Ark Outline

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Noah's Ark Outline

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Noah's Ark is a vessel (or ship) built by Noah as instructed by God - as written in the old testament, Genesis chapters 6 - 9. If you're a teacher or parent here is a great page that has the story of Noah's Ark for different ages including the King James version - see "The Story of Noah's Ark" - at 

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark was built by Noah to save humanity and the creatures of the world from Gods destruction of the Earth. Man's evil deeds had made God angry and God punished the Earth by sending 'The Great Flood'. 

Here is an article from the Daily Mail about the recent discovery of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat in Turkey.

Summary of Noah's Ark

This is a summary of the events leading up to and during The Great Flood.

Date (in Noah's life) Event Day of the week
d.10, mth.2, year 600 (Gen.7:10) God announces that the flood will come in seven days Sunday
d.17, mth.2, year 600 (Gen.7:11-24) Flood begins. (Rain continues 40 days, waters rise for 150 days) Sunday
d.17, mth.7, year 600 (Gen.8:4) Ark rests on Ararat, waters begin to retreat Friday
d.1, mth.10, year 600 (Gen.8:5) Mountain-tops become visible Wednesday
After 40 days Noah sends out the raven Sunday
After 7 days Noah sends the dove again (2nd time); dove returns with olive twig Sunday
After 7 days Noah sends the dove again (3rd time); dove does not return Sunday
d.1, mth.1, year 601 (Gen.8:13) Waters dried up Wednesday
d.27, mth.2, year 601 (Gen.8:14) Earth dry, Noah emerges Wednesday

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