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    Andiker Dog Water Bottle, Pet Portable Dog Water Bottle, Dog Travel Water Cup with Leak Proof, Pet Water Bottle for Outdoor Walking (Pink)

    • 1.High-Quality Material. The dog water bottle is made of high quality flexible food-grade plastic, FDA certification approved. It is so environmental friendly and durable. Meanwhile, the cup is made of PC material, it is easy to clean.
    • 2.Portable and Leak proof. You can use the sling rope to carry it directly by your hand or hang it on your bag. With the help of leak proof silicone seals you can also put in the bag without worry.
    • 3.Perfect Design for Dogs. The sink is spacious and suitable for the mouth of dogs. It can help small dogs, large dogs and dogs with short mouth to drink easier.
    • 4.Convenient to Use. One key to pour/lock water, one hand operates. The dog water bottle eliminate the process of opening the lid and pouring water. You can easily recycle the left water. It is also easy dismantling and cleaning.
    • 5.No Risk Purchase. The products are safe, please feel relieved to use.

    Andiker Cat Scratching Pad, Durable & Washable Replacement for Cat Tree Natural Sisal Mat with Velcro for Wrapping Around Furniture Sofa & Couch & Chair & Desk Legs with A Ball (long)

    • 〖Cat's Nature - Sharpen Their Claws〗: One of the natures of the cat is grinding claws. And cats love to scratch on this kind of mat, and they will enjoy in sharpening their claws easily with this practical sisal fibers. Cat scratch pads will move your cat's attention away from delicate materials and sharpen your pet's nails in this new accessory.
    • 〖Sofa and Furniture Protection〗: Do you want to protect your furniture as well as let your cats enjoy scratching? You can place sisal cat scratcher on the armrest of the sofas or armchair to protect your furniture. The furniture pads made from natural sisal (natural sisal is rich in fiber) and cotton and linen sofa fabrics. It is durable enough to reduce their claws' damage to your furniture.
    • 〖Natural Sisal and Linen Fabric〗: Natural sisal is rich in fiber, fibrous cells are long structure, flexible, and anti-strong pull, abrasion and corrosion resistance feature. The natural sisal material of the cat scratcher couch is durable.
    • 〖Easy to Install and Clean〗: Our sisal scratching mat is washable, you can flush it with water and it will be dry quickly, it is very easy to clean. You can place it on the armrest of the sofas or armchair to protect your furniture. If your sofa is detachable, you can lift the sofa cushion and put the end of the fabric under it. No drill or nails needed, you can have a quick installation without damaging your sofa, easy to disconnect and reusable.
    • 〖Stylish Color to Decorate Your Sofa〗: The inconspicuous dark gray fabric cat sisal mat matches perfectly with the overall design of your furniture. And the dark grey fabric is not easy to get dirty.

    Andiker Pet Cone Recovery Dog Cone Adjustable Collar, Protect the Neck Surgery Recovery, Designed for Cats and Puppies (S, Pale Pink)

    • Easy to store: Unique cat collar button cloak, flexible easy to fold.
    • Perfect protection: Dog surgery recovery collar is an effective way to helps to overcome lick-bite.
    • Comfortable to wear: Lightweight and transparent plastic having linear structure and built-in padded inner liner, dog cone collar extra soft fabric edge for additional comfort and protection, will not tighten the neck.
    • Reasonable design: Puppy collar made of high-quality PVC material for easy cleaning and multi-layer snaps for easy tightening or loosening.
    • Pet collar is suitable for all types of dog cats, like Labrador, Teddy, Poodle, Corgi and so on.

    Andiker USB Borescope Inspection Tube Camera HD Snake Camera with 6 LED Light IP67 Waterproof for Android Smartphone Windows Laptop/Tablet/PC 5 Meter (2-in-1 Endoscope)

    • 【2 in 1 Connector Design】: Say goodbye to the extra adapter or cable, the connector not only support android smart phones, but also support windows computer, laptop, PC.
    • 【Elaborate Design】: 7 mm endoscope diameter, small size with light weight for handy usage; 6 built-in LED light for the dark hidden places; snake floppy cable to meet diverse conditional requirement.
    • The best viewing distance is about 6cm, fine resolutions of 640*380; provide you with a wonderful experience of HD photos or videos. It can take photo, video recording, and the photos & video file will directly store in your Android cell phone.
    • 【Practical free accessories】: Attached a small hook, a magnet, a mirror for better and widen usage.
    • 【Compatibility】: Support Android / Windows (Vista / XP / Win 7 / Win 8) system. The products are guaranteed for 12 months, please feel relieved the use!

    Andiker Cat Hammock Bed Space Saving Design Window Perch Hanging with Large Suction Cups, Kitty Sunny Bed Breathable Oxford Cloth Windowsill Mounted Sleeping Bag

    • 1. With security high quality 3.3" Diameter suction cup, strong PVC frame and thickened steel wire, this window-mounted hammock has stronger bearing capacity up to 30lbs.
    • 2. It can be installed on windows, tile walls, smooth doors, etc., no need punch or any tools. Clean the window and the suction cups before install this cat perch seat, wait until dry then place them on the window.
    • 3. Made of breathable Oxford Cloth & Plastic, cat's body temperature won't overheat in summer. In winter, you can add a mattress on this cat window-mounted bed and it will be the most comfortable.
    • 4. Easy to clean. Just remove the cover, hand wash or machine wash available.
    • 5. If you feel not easy to stick to the window, that may because 4 transparent PP Suction cups distorted extrusion in transportation, or low temperature of awful cold winter. Soaking suction cups in hot water about 160℉ for 2 minutes and clean with a wet cloth before installation.

    Andiker Liquid Soap Dispensing Washing-up Brush, Long Handle Dish Brush with 2 Sponge and Bristle Brush Replacement Heads Grey

    • 1.Fit for all kinds of pans.Made of non-stick safe bristles,it won't scratch your non-stick pots,baking trays and pans.
    • 2. Long handles.Easy and comfortable to handle without slip.
    • 3. With refillable liquid soap dispenser. Simply press to dispense soap.The silicone plug has good sealing performance.
    • 4. 2 brush head + 2 sponge heads,you can feel free to replace.
    • 5. Hangable handle, easy to store and keep clean and dry.
    Andiker Liquid Soap Dispensing Washing-up Brush, Long Handle Dish Brush with 2 Sponge and Bristle Brush Replacement Heads Grey

    Andiker KZ Hi-Fi Headphones,1BA+1DD Hybrid Driver In-ear Earphones, Detachable Cable Heavy Bass Stereo Ear-buds with Storage Box for Music Enthusiast/Sports (ES3-C Blue, no Mic)

    • 1, Quasi-professional configuration: 1DD+1BA Hybrid Headphone, not only has the moving coil unit shocking low frequency, but also has the gorgeous high frequency of moving iron unit, self-customized 30095 moving iron unit, responsible for medium and high frequency performance, the intermediate frequency density is improved compared with the traditional unit. The details are particularly rich and crisp.
    • 2, Comfortable and Excellent Sound: High quality headphones independent sound channel bring each music lover a new kind of auditory sense, the mid bass and treble driver unit have a rich vigorous performance at bass and mid-range and treble, and the overall hearing sense is more infectious.
    • 3, Detachable Cable & Stylish Design: Newly Upgraded detachable cable earphones Oxygen-Free Copper Wire not only provides excellent sound quality signal transmission, but also has many features such as resistance to pulling, resistance to bending , resistance to corrosion. Use 3.5MM L plug , 2 Pin of 0.75mm Gold Plated Connector make the cord wire of in-ear headphones can be removable and replaceable.
    • 4, Noise Canceling Sport Earphones: With fashion and light shell, "L" Shaped hanging design provides a comfortable wearing experience, no fear of slipping even . The ergonomic design is incredibly comfortable, and can be worn for hours, providing superior noise isolation and ensuring a superb fit.
    • 5, Different Styles of Music and A Free Earphone Box: Quad driver in ear headphones can be flexible to deduce all kinds of styles music, precise calculation of the sound characteristics of each unit , is a good earphone which is used to listen classical, pop, rock, and ACG songs, electronic music, DJ and heavy metal rock music, suitable for music enthusiasts.Also a free storage case is provided for you.
    Andiker KZ Hi-Fi Headphones,1BA+1DD Hybrid Driver In-ear Earphones, Detachable Cable Heavy Bass Stereo Ear-buds with Storage Box for Music Enthusiast/Sports (ES3-C Blue, no Mic)

    Andiker Pet Hanging Bowl 2-in-1 Removable Stainless Steel Food Hanging Bowl for Puppy/Cat, Pet Bowl Hanging Cage Large Water Food Feeder for Dogs Cats (small, blue)

    • 1. Cross lock design: dog bowl design can contain food and water at the same time, cross lock design, easily attach to dog crates, cat crates and chain link fences, you can adjusts the height .
    • 2. Space saving: The hanging bowl saves space, pets have more space for activities, durable and easy to disassemble, and helps keeping the feeding area safe and clean.
    • 3. Easy to Install: Loosen the white nut of pet bowl and place the plastic screw part into the gap between two iron wires of your dog crate, tighten the white nut.
    • 4. Easy to clean: Removable hanging stainless steel food/water bowl for dog or cat is removable, easy to clean.
    • 5. High-quality materials:Made of polished stainless steel of Anti-corrosion and rust-corrosion. Perfect for holding water, wet food and dry food.

    Andiker Dog Car Seatbelt, Dog Seatbelt Durable Adjustable Nylon Fabric Restraint 2 in 1 Safety Seat Belt Strap and Leash for Dogs Car Harness Dog Safety Seat Belt

    • 【Two USES for One Rope】 In the car, it's a pet seat belt that limits the dog's movements! the no tangle nylon straps can be quickly and easily attached to vehicle headrests. Get off the car, it can be used as a traction rope. You needn't change another leash. Let you enjoy the journey! The safety belt is easy to remove, and which is your ideal pet vehicle traction belt.
    • 【Sturdy Nylon Strip】 Strong and durable nylon ribbon gives dogs strong restraint. The dog seatbelts for cars with the double stitching can keep the connection firmer, not easily broken. Let you have a comfortable driving, and enjoy the scenery along the way!
    • 【Solid Metal Buckle】 The metal clasp is firm and can rotate 360 degrees to avoid tangles. The solid zinc alloy swivel snap and quality buckles ensure its extra durability and no rust.
    • 【Adjustable Length】 The length of the dog's seatbelt can be easily adjusted with a buckle. Give your dog an area to move around! The adjustable strap allows the pet to sit, to lie down or to stand comfortably.
    • 【Update Design for Traveling】: When the whole family goes out together, it is not safe for the dog to stay at home alone. However, there are only a few fixed seat belt sockets in the car. With our dog seat belt, this problem can be avoided. Keep your family and dogs safe! Enjoy a safe journey!
    Andiker Dog Car Seatbelt, Dog Seatbelt Durable Adjustable Nylon Fabric Restraint 2 in 1 Safety Seat Belt Strap and Leash for Dogs Car Harness Dog Safety Seat Belt

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